Forex robots are helping to make trading more profitable and convenient. They are developed using the latest technologies and programming languages. Traders are free to choose to use MT4 or MT5 platforms to begin their trading experience. Today’s robots have more features that allow automated trading. 

More developers are developing new forex robots daily. With each addition to the market, it is harder to decide which robot is most profitable. Robots with excellent features and support from developers tend to give better returns. You can trust these robots to give you the maximum return on investments.


FXGOODWAY X2 offers you stable and consistent profitability. Its new version is loaded with new features that offer you the best profits ever. 

It’s one of the top forex robot in 2022. Its new features include:

  • Multi-session logic
  • Continuous profits
  • Two new different sets
  • Auto risk monitoring/calculation

The robot has been in the market for 848 days and has since then recorded 668.4% profits or 7.55% monthly. It retails at $315 and has a rating of 9.6/10. It pairs EUR/USD.


FXPARABOL has been in live trading for 464 days. Within that period, it generated 676.46% in profits or 14.19% monthly. It can trade on both MT4 and MT5 platforms and has a drawdown of 46.41%. It has a rating of 10/10 and pairs USD/JPY, USD/CHF, and EUR/USD. Its win/loss ratio is 70:30. It is a reliable robot that is compatible with any brother. Traders get 24/7 vendor support, free updates, and one license. 


MARKET FIGHTER is regarded as one of the top free forex EA that gives you maximum profits. It is exclusively distributed by ForexStore and has been in live trading for 971 days. Within that period, the robot recorded 989.1% in profits or 7.72% monthly. Drawdown records stand at 83.96%. It gives you five independent trades weekly, specifically on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. It pairs USD/CAD.


FOREXTRUCK has recorded 1,009 live trading days and generated 832.02% in profits or 6.86% monthly. It trades on both MT4 and MT5 platforms and has a rating of 10/10. It offers 100% automatic trading featured on two blocks that work in unison. Its retail price is $329. The robot works perfectly with any broker and provides the following benefits.

  • Has two blocks that work collaboratively
  • Come with one permanent license that can be used in any account
  • Can trade on both MT4 and MT5
  • Unlimited vendor support 24/7


FXZIPPER is unique in offering unique features such as live statistics and reliable scalping, and it can trade with any broker. For 1.067 live trading days, the robot has generated 177.78% or 2.92% per month. It is designed to trade on a scalping strategy, meaning it generates a tiny profit from each trade. If an order is not deemed to generate profit, it holds it until the time it will gain some profit. It opens and closes a trade-in about every 15 minutes to 3 hours. Users receive free support and update 24/7. The robot is retailing at $345. 


FXSTABILIZER PRO has a high rating of 10/10 and can trade either on MT4 or MT5. With a price of $739, the robot has generated 2,773.72% in profits in a span of 2,390 live trading days. Its main features are the Durable mode for safe and stable profits and the Turbo mode for higher profits but riskier trading. It is designed to trade daily while ensuring it generates profits. The robot pairs eight different currencies without recording long drawdowns. It is a perfect robot that offers accuracy and higher reliability. 


FXCONSTANT works with EUR/USD and AUD/USD pairs. It has an exclusive discounted price of $267. For 1,191 live trading days, the robot has recorded 659.23% in profits or 5.25% per month. The robot generates real statistics, market analysis, and trades like a pro. Its capital protection feature ensures your money is safe. 


Forex spread trading bots are developed using modern technologies to provide automated trading. They trade on platforms you want and work perfectly with any broker. The most profitable robot ensures maximum profits consistently.