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Ludo happens to be one of the popular board games that are widely played. Whether with friends or family or in the online version with complete strangers, Ludo has gained significant recognition and love from people. However, the introduction of online ludo games and the consequent inclusion of real cash only fueled the popularity of the game. Many people have started playing Ludo Cash and are winning big through strategy and luck.

The Online Ludo Game:

The online version of Ludo is inspired by the classic strategic board game and more or less follows the same rules. Two or four people can play Ludo at a time on a single board either individually or in partnership. Although the game originated in India around the 6th century named Pachisi and that inspired the world on how to play ludo.

The most interesting factor about this game is that it can be played by people of any age group and makes for a perfect family time activity. The online ludo games also eliminated the need for a physical board as all your need is either a computer or a mobile and you are all set to go. With technological prowess, the simple board game is transformed and can be played either in the multiplayer mode or the solo-player mode which brings in the opportunity to connect with players from across the world and test your ability and reasoning capability through the game.

The Ludo game has a rich history to its account and its popularity can be guessed from the fact that how a simple indoor board game had undergone a transformation into an online game and is available for downloads on all major platforms. With the online mode of playing Ludo, people can now play Ludo anytime and anywhere without the requirement of a board or fellow players. They can simply visit a playing site and enjoy the game with players from across the globe and enhance their strategizing capabilities and observation skills.

How to download the online Ludo game?

There are many reliable and trustworthy online gaming apps and platforms that have an ensemble of Ludo and other interesting and exciting games in the online mode. You need to either download the game app or log in through their website and register yourself. Once the registration process is complete, you can search for the Ludo game and start playing. However, it is always advisable to go through the instructions and know the rules and regulations before you start to play the game.

The process is comparatively easy and does not take much time for downloading and installing.

How to play ludo to earn cash and win big?

Playing Ludo online is not a big deal, it follows the same rules as that in the offline mode. However, where you are playing for cash there are certain things that you must remember and play accordingly. Check out the expert tips that could help you to earn big in Online Ludo games.

  • Get all your token out of the home base: One of the key tricks of winning a Ludo match is to open all the tokens and get them in the playing arena. The trick is to get every token out with the sixes that your dice rolls out. Make use of your sixes and get all your tokens playing as this will multiply the chances of winning and also help in blocking your opponent.
  • Get the tokens on the board: Once all your tokens are out do not hold them back, rather spread them throughout the board. This could be a great strategy that will help you in getting all your tokens to the home faster than your opponents. This will also help in developing a better-tackling strategy and help you in winning big.
  • Create an attacking strategy: Ludo is all about progressing your tokens and blocking your opponent’s tokens. There is no place for mercy and so you need to play strategically and adopt an attacking strategy to stop your opponents from progressing and reaching their homes.
  • Block the opponent’s progress: In addition to attacking your opponent, blocking their progress by adopting certain game tricks can be very helpful in making you win. Chase your opponents constantly and try blocking their progress so that you end up winning the match.
  • Be Patient: Another essential trick is to be patient through the match and play with a calm mind so that you do not end up sacrificing your token. You do know that whenever your token is at the star zone it is safe, so it is time that you need to be strategic and wait for a big number in the dice to move that token. Patience plays an important role in safeguarding your tokens and helping you win big.

Final Thought

Remember these tips and tricks that can help you win big in an online Ludo game. While playing Ludo Cash can be a great way to earn some extra cash but you need to be cautious and start by playing in smaller amounts to eliminate the chances of a big loss. Download the game today and earn big.