The supernatural series Manifest has witnessed an extra surge in popularity ever since it became available on Netflix, and lots of fans, particularly are more than keen to know everything they could about Manifest season 4.

The series, which recently completed its third run on NBC, has become a chart-topping hit on the streaming service. The news is not that shocking given how well the series manages to keep its narrative going while expanding its own universe at the exact same time, keeping fans engaged every week. Kelley Lawler out of USA Today spoke highly of the show’s ability to stand out among the contest when discussing season 1:

Heavily serialized shows such as Lost, Breaking Bad, or Game of Thrones frequently begin with a fantastic concept and first episode. But many lesser shows collapse when the story expands. Manifest navigated through its first major roadblock by moving out of the setup to meatier tales.

For the ones that aren’t comfortable, Manifest revolves around the passengers and crew from a flight that went missing. They mysteriously return after over five long years of being away, and a deeper story begins to unfold the passengers begin to encounter voices and visions.

Since its first two seasons have been added to Netflix, the show has turned into a highlight of one of the streamer’s lineup of accredited shows, so it is no surprise that everybody is looking to resolve the puzzle as to whether there will be Manifest season 4.

Manifest Season 4 Release Date

Manifest hasn’t been renewed for a fourth season yet, but in addition, it hasn’t been canceled by NBC either. Let’s just hope it will not take more than five years for them to decide whether to give the well-received supernatural drama the ax or not.

It’s really anybody’s guess when Manifest season 4 could come out, but when NBC was to greenlight a different chapter today, the earliest it would most likely arrive would be sometime in 2022. Speaking with Deadline, Channing Dungey the chairwoman and CEO of Warner Bros. Video, which produces Manifest said her optimism about the show’s potential:

We’d love for the series to continue NBC. We’re still in conversations with NBC and keeping our fingers crossed.

There’s also a possibility that when NBC does drop the program, Netflix could think about stepping in and saving it as it did with Cobra Kai, Designated Survivor, and Lucifer. A brand new season would take longer to come out when that happens, so fans will just have to wait and see how things perform.

When Will Manifest Season 4 Be Available On Netflix

There is no way of telling when Manifest season  4 will be accessible for readers to flow on Netflix if it will get renewed for another season. The series was a surprise addition to the streamer in the first area, so there is no precedent or existing timetable to help determine a possible premiere.

Subscribers still do not know when and if Manifest season 3 will soon be available to stream. So while the first two seasons are popular, Netflix audiences might or might not get to see the latest or any season after that.

Manifest Season 4 Cast

The throw of Manifest season 4 isn’t known at this time since no information has been released about a fourth season yet.

It’s probably safe to presume there’ll be familiar faces returning to the mix, and because of the essence of the series, new cast members could be added or a few other characters may reunite. Everything depends upon what direction the story goes in following the complicated conclusion to season 3.

Manifest Season 4 Synopsis

There’s no official synopsis for Manifest season 4, and it is unlikely for any plot details to emerge before a new installment is officially given the go-ahead from NBC or it has been picked up by another system or outlet. In an interview with SyFy, showrunner Jeff Blake discussed his thoughts on how far the series could go:

We don’t always know the number of episodes we get a year, so we roll with the punches. But the show would like to be six seasons.

Six seasons seems like an interesting program, but to get there, viewers first have to acquire Manifest season 4.

Manifest Season 4 Trailer

No preview for Manifest season 4 has been set out since nothing has been filmed yet. A trailer would need to be published closer to some year’s premiere date on NBC. Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more updates on the supernatural drama’s future, and we will make certain to discuss any teaser which comes out immediately.