You Season 3

Wanted: Joe Goldberg! He’s not in trouble, yet, but we do miss him! You lovers are longing for the return of Netflix’s psychological thriller. When does You season 3 premiere? Unfortunately, it is not in May 2021.

The anticipation for Joe Goldberg’s return is killing us; not how Joe took out Beck, but you get our purpose! When we thought Joe had decided for the better, more mysteries introduced themselves in the latest season.

We’ve got so many questions for the third season! At the very top of the listing, we want to know who that girl is that has been teased at the end of You season 2. Is this woman Joe’s brand new love interest? Is it his mother? We need answers.

Hang tight, You fans, since we will not be getting any replies in May 2021. But we do have some bit of good information. Here’s what we know about the release date and what is to come.

You Season 3

When Does You Season 3 Premiere On Netflix?

No, You season 3 might not be dropping in May 2021, but its release has been supported for the next half of 2021.

Fans knew a third season was at the works. But even before COVID-19 struck, we weren’t certain if the new episodes could arrive. When the pandemic stopped filming, we had been even less certain what the future was for Joe.

Fortunately, You season 3 is a wrap! There are still a lot of work that should be done to finish the next installment, not just filming. But the news that the season was confirmed to drop later this year will up us, however!

Desire our suppose? We assume You season 3 will premiere in November 2021, but we’ll keep you posted and update you as soon as we learn more. When do you think the new season will release?