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When Does The Third Season Of The Mandalorian Premiere?


The Mandalorian  closed its second season on Disney +  and was once again a success with a spectacular final episode. This Friday’s premiere gave something to talk about with an unexpected descent that included the appearance of Luke Skywalker . While there’s still a Christmas special left, fans are already looking forward to part three . When it premieres?

“The Mandalorian returns with a new special, ‘Making of Season Two’, which will air on December 25 on Disney Plus,” was the official statement on social networks about the program that Disney + will launch on November 25 with him behind scene from the second season.

The special will serve to cushion the adrenaline caused by chapter 16 that had everything: only Grogu’s farewell with Mando and the return of Mark Hamill made fans delirious who have already made theories about a possible continuation of the saga that fortunately already has date.

When does the third season of The Mandalorian premiere on Disney +?

As reported by Collider, the third season of The Mandalorian will arrive around Christmas 2021 . Unlike the first two parts, it will not be released in October but its premiere will be delayed until December and the chapters will continue until 2022 . In another year where the coronavirus pandemic will remain present, the filming works will also depend on the health contingency.

After the euphoria of the last episode, social networks began to regret that we will have to wait a whole year to enjoy The Mandalorian again. “I can’t handle this, the ending was so beautiful, now, to wait a year for the third season,” was the tone of the comments from the fans.