Yuno and Asta, orphans from a world of magic, vow to fight for the title of King Of Magicians. Yuno may seem to be a talented wizard from childhood but Asta doesn’t get a magic booklet at the traditional ceremony. That is until a serious threat shows his true capabilities.

Will There Be “Black Clover” Season 5?

Studio Pierrot (“Naruto”) created the adaptation of “Black Clover”, the anime series based upon the manga series. The Japanese television premiered the adaptation in 2017 The series has enjoyed immense popularity all over the world since its debut on Japanese TV in 2017.

However, for the moment, Black Clover fans have to be strong. A break is currently in planning. It is still unknown if and when the anime series would resume. The series creators did announce that the 170th episode of the anime series was being broadcast.

The main reason behind the series cancellation is that the anime is almost as advanced as the manga. After 170 episodes the 28 manga volumes so far have not provided enough material for a complex plot of a fifth episode.

“Black Clover” Season 5: Episode 171 Release

It is still unknown when and if the 171st episode, and therefore the fifth season, will be released. The break has made it clear that there are still manga volumes to be published before we can move on. Every year, there have been three to five volumes published since it was published for the first time in 2015.

The fifth season of the series shouldn’t come out before 2023, even if it has the same plot as the first. Remember that seasons 1 and 2 had 51 episodes, while season 3 had 52. Season 4 only had 16 episodes.