Superman is coming soon to Fortnite, surprise! So, Superman, DC Universe’s iconic superhero, is now a craze. But how do players unlock the famed skin so eagerly awaited by them?

What Time Is The Fortnite Season 7 Abduction Live Event?

Epic will not update its countdown timer for the next 10 working days. The live event will still take place at 6 pm Eastern on August 6. Although it is possible for the time to be adjusted slightly depending on downtime and patches being deployed between now and then, that’s what Epic’s timer indicates as of July 27,

What Do Fortnite Leaks Tell Us About The Season 7 Live Event?

Contrary to previous live events in which leaders had been reluctant to post their findings, some of the most prominent data miners within the Fortnite community were quite open about this one. Folks like HYPEX have seemingly determined how the map may change over the next few days.

According to their prior tweets from EndymionFN and others, Corny Complex, Slurpy Swamp, and Coral Castle will be abducted by the mothership’s beam in an animation that looks something like this.

Each location that is abducted will, according to reports, break apart and become low-gravity zones. This is similar to the Holly Hatchery.

Even though there are likely to be many more events as they unfold, these are the main points that leakers have been able to so far. Some files may be more sensitive and have been encrypted at a higher level. We may not know the full extent of this encryption until after the event.

What does Will happen In The Fortnite Season 7 Live Event?

While the data mines revealed a lot about the upcoming event, we felt it was important to highlight a few details concerning the ending to the “Invasion”, season storyline. The name of this event suggests that this countdown will end with an actual full-scale alien invasion of Battle Royale.

While the exact nature of that assault remains a mystery, there’s one piece in the Season 7 puzzle that appears extremely likely to make it into the equation. It’s Superman.

Data-miners believe the Battle Pass skin, which has yet to be released, will release around August 12, just one week after the end of the presumptive invasion countdown. These plot threads suggest Superman could arrive just in time for the Battle Royale island to be saved from destruction. Fans have seen Galactus’s feat against the Avengers. So why wouldn’t DC join in?