The third season of ‘Cobra Kai’ will arrive next January on Netflix

Just a week after published the trailer of his new and third season, fans of ‘Cobra Kai’ will not have to wait much longer to see the new episodes that will come to Netflix next January 8 of 2021.

After the clues released in the new trailer, it looks like the plot will look more complicated than before, with each of the main characters getting through the events of the Karate fight at West Valley High School.

We tell you some of the data that the new trailer for ‘Cobra Kai’ reveals about its next episodes.

Kyler’s return

One of the most shocking moments in the trailer was the return of the school bully, Kyler. The clip even highlights the moments when he besieged the Hawk before joining Cobra Kai. Now it seems that things will get complicated for Hawk once Kyler also joins Cobra Kai under the orders of John Kreese.

Robby could switch sides

Robby Keene was the culprit for Miguel’s injury after kicking him from the second floor. At the time, no one knew his whereabouts, as he tried to escape prosecution for Miguel’s injuries.

Although the previous Cobra Kai trailer had already hinted that Robby was in a juvenile detention center, his story could become more complex after he is harassed by other inmates to eventually use his knowledge of karate.

Daniel continues in Karate

One of the many questions fans asked at the end of the second season, was Daniel had given up on karate, after warning from his wife, Amanda. However, the new trailer has already answered that question, once the already iconic character will continue his adventures in martial arts.

Miguel returns to Karate

Alongside Miguel’s journey of recovery, the new trailer also shows some glimpses of the character getting started again in martial arts under Johnny’s command. He even appears fighting in a tournament during a sequence.

The growing rivalry between karate fighters

The series could not exist without the constant rivalries of the Karate world between the characters, and although some seem to become more friendly, like that of Johnny and Daniel, some are becoming stronger and stronger.

One of the most talked-about rivalries is between Sam and Tory, while the trailer confirms that the rivalry will continue to escalate throughout the new season.