The PSG’s main objective is to win the Champions League. For the French team, it has been a pending account since its foundation and the incorporation of international figures excites the Parisian fans. The name that most captivates the supporters is that of Lionel Messi, who has not yet confirmed his continuity at Barcelona and could continue his career in the City of Lights team.

“ I would like to play with Messi again, it is what I love the most, to enjoy with him again on the pitch. I would put him in my place, I have no problem, I go out. I want to play with him again, for sure next year we have to do it ”, Neymar had said in one of his last statements and the Argentine coach, who recently arrived at PSG, referred to the possibility of adding the Rosario star.

“I heard Neymar’s statements about playing with Messi next year, but I have to be very careful with what I say about players from other teams,” said the strategist with a past at Tottenham when asked about the issue that puts him on edge. Europe. And he continued: ” One always dreams of having the best players .”

It should be noted that recently Pochettino had tested positive for coronavirus in one of the usual tests carried out by the French entity. The DT had undergone a test stipulated for the staff, the technical staff, and the doctor, which yielded the result that forced him to isolate himself for 10 days as part of the assigned health protocol. His assistants Jesús Pérez and Miguel D’Agostino took over in the games in which he had to be absent.

The former coach of Tottenham joined the Parisian club at the start of the year and already won the French Super Cup with the victory against Olympique de Marseille by 2 to 1.