Mobile games are one of the most cost-effective digital developments today.

If you have the necessary insights and knowledge, you can create your ideal mobile game and start excelling in the sector. If you need help with creation then game development company – Whimsygames is for you.

Below we will detail the various stages of creating a mobile game that you will have to go through either alone or with a team of professionals.

The first idea for your mobile game

It all starts with an idea. If you want to develop a mobile game, you’ve probably tried something before.

In the idea stage, creativity and passion must go hand in hand. As with many other professions, it’s always best to do what you love. If, for example, you are passionate about the platform genre, it is advisable that you make a mobile game based on it rather than on any other.

In the idea stage, this is also the ideal time to get closer to the type of game that a mobile game will develop from. It can be from the first person, from the third person, on separate levels, on interchangeable phases. All of this will then affect the way the game is created.

A good help in understanding these ideas is to create storyboards, sketches of blueprints, with which you can graphically convey your idea of the game.

Originality in approach

Originality is the key to being successful in a mobile game or even in the development of any application. Here we must value two main aspects: the complete originality and the originality of evolution. On the one hand, you must strive to develop a completely original mobile game, which has not yet been done and which presents an enticing challenge for users. On the other hand, it is impossible that there are no similar games. You must study these games through dedicated research, find out where they fail, what can be improved, and what makes your game special.

Dynamics of a mobile game

The dynamics of the game, especially in a mobile environment, is the basis of all the developments that you will work on in the future. You must take into account the devices on which it will be used. By default, these are mostly mobile phones. But it is also possible that it is used on tablets or even touchscreen computers. Currently, touchscreen and smartphone options offer several possibilities in terms of mobile game dynamics.

We have action games with simulated tablets on the screen; outdoor games tied to the position of the mobile phone; purely tactile games in which the user swipes objects on the screen. etc.

In the same way, we also have to decide at this stage how the continuity of the game will develop. The normal stage is the learning stage and the transition to the stages of a narrow complexity curve. You can also consider participating in bonus phases or using items to enrich the gaming system.

Video game design

Design is the key to a mobile game. Fortunately, nowadays, mobile screens are already capable of offering the perfect resolution, whether we choose minimalist, pixelated, or even realistic designs.

In other words, almost any graphics development can be enjoyed on mobile nowadays. However, there are two important limitations that you must take into account before starting to create it.

First, the more resources a video game design requires, the fewer mobile phones will be able to use it. Apart from a compatible display, smartphones are limited by RAM, processor, and even internal storage.

On the other hand, you must follow the recommendations of the operating system on which the mobile game is developed, both for Android and iOS. You could create an awesome mobile game, but if you don’t follow the design requirements of these operating systems, they won’t even be able to download.

The technology it is based on

As we mentioned at the design stage, the development of mobile devices is highly dependent on the operating system on which they are based. Currently, the distinction is mainly made between Android (found in most mobile phones) and iOS (all mobile devices designed by Apple).

Each of these operating systems requires their own development software. In this sense, the Swift programming language is one of the preferred languages when it comes to iOS app development. With this language, you can also develop any mobile game compatible with Apple devices.

Android also has compatible programming languages. Whether programming in HTML5, native language, or hybrids, they offer you the ability to create the mobile game you want.

As in any sector, the more knowledge you have, the more development opportunities you can use. Hence, higher potential economic profitability will be at your fingertips.

In order to avoid any problems during creation, it is best to contact the specialists