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Mixed martial arts has come in and dominated the combat sports scene over the last decade or so. That can be attributed to the popularity of the Ultimate Fighting Championship circuit, thanks to the promotional work that president Dana White has done to expand the brand globally. Large arenas are filled, sports bars charge cover fees, and friends gather around their television sets during headline MMA matchups featured by the UFC.

While these events serve as a great excuse to get together with other fans, they also allow the public to wager on the undercard and main event matchups. With a promo code for Fanduel sportsbook, fans can feel like they are jumping into the octagon from the comfort of their own home by placing a wager on the fight.

Here are a few good ideas to remember when considering how to bet your money on an MMA fight.

Take A Close Look At The Underdog

It is a good rule of thumb in any sport to look at the team or athlete who is not favored to be victorious. This is because the payout is more significant if they can overcome the odds to come out on top.

As it relates to MMA fights, really analyze the matchup to see if the underdog has a chance to score an upset. Consider the aspect(s) of the fight that will need to go the underdog’s way for him or her to be successful. In some cases, the weakness of the favorite might be what the lesser fighter, in the eyes of the public, does exceptionally well.

It can also be valuable to examine how the underdog has fared in their most recent sample size of fights. It is possible that they started their career slowly due to disadvantages or a lack of experience but are just now finding their stride. If an underdog comes into a fight on a torrid hot streak, it may be prudent to ride that wave until it comes to an end.

Consider Weigh-In Metrics and Conditioning

Combat sports have always featured weigh-ins dating back to the pre-MMA days. Some of the value of the weigh-in can be for show, as fighters are often motivated to say things about their opponents that stir the pot to attract more eyeballs to their matchup. This part can often be ignored for gambling.

The redeeming value of the weigh-in can be found in the actual weight results of each competitor. If a fighter makes their weight goal, it is business as usual, as most MMA athletes end up hitting their mark. However, if a fighter’s weigh-in results miss the target, that can be a significant red flag and a notable clue for bettors. This can indicate that a fighter did not do what was necessary from a training or diet perspective to be ready for a fight they knew was coming well in advance. A lack of proper conditioning could lead them to falter in the octagon, and it might be wise to bet on the other fighter.

Remain Impartial

Like with most aspects of life, it can be easy to get caught up in the narrative that a person can relate to or wants to root for. A great comeback story or a record-setting knockout will make for a great headline on social media once the fight is over, but there may not be grounds to wager on either of those storylines.

Fighters might have one of your favorite holds or counters or have even done something that you found impressive outside the octagon. None of that matters from a betting perspective. Stick to the performance aspects of each fighter that can determine the result, and make your bet based on those factors alone.