With the rising cost of healthcare assistance, getting health insurance has become quite expensive. In fact, as per statistics, the percentage of increase in the medical cost from 2007 to 2022 has been up to 11.9%, and it will keep on increasing.

But it is not easy to select the best health insurance company in India that will serve the purpose no matter what the situation.

Don’t worry, here we have mentioned some features you must look for while choosing the best health insurance company for a secured future.

Top Features of the Best Health Insurance Company in India

Look for the following elements in your health insurance policy to be assured of appropriate assistance:

Lifetime Renewal

One of the most essential features to look for in the best health insurance company in India is lifetime renewal. As you move forward in life, it becomes more challenging to cover your health expenses. Not to mention, the premium also keeps increasing. That’s why we need a lifetime renewal option in our policy.

It was only a few years back when the policy was applicable only for candidates aged up to 65 or 70 years. But after the revised guidelines of IRDAI, anyone can include lifetime renewability in their health insurance policy.

Pre and Post Hospitalization

When looking for the best health insurance company in India, see if they offer pre and post-hospitalization coverage. By this, we mean that the policy should cover treatment, tests, doctor visits, etc., carried before and after the hospitalization process. Check the terms of coverage as these are different for different insurance companies.

Health-Coverage Worldwide

Look for a health insurance company in India that offers an international health plan that works seamlessly to provide emergency health assistance and cover medical costs, too, in case you need to travel abroad for better service.

Maternity Benefits

With increasing medical expenses, the cost of getting pregnancy coverage has skyrocketed. So, you must look for the best health insurance company in India with maternity benefits. Also, don’t forget to look into factors like the applicable waiting period, for the final claim and the sub-limit. In addition, your policy coverage should also extend to outpatient expenses.

Family Health Insurance

Make sure you take your family member and their health into consideration when buying a health plan. You will be able to find the best policy when you keep in mind the present ailments running in your family and their entire medical history. Also, check for any pre-existing disease associated with your family before you sign the policy.

Sub Limit

One of the most critical features of all is the sub-limit fixed as per the plan. Whenever there is a case of hospitalization, it involves many kinds of expenses, along with medical costs. For example, medicines, room rent, surgery fees, equipment costs, and others.

However, many policies do not cover it all. There is always a sub-limit that separates the cap on the reimbursement amount. These are primarily applied following the option of reduced premium.

Claim Process

Lastly, the most crucial feature of all to check before finalizing a policy is the claim process. Look for a simple claim process like the one offered by Care Health Insurance for a faster settlement rate. Moreover, if there’s good customer support, in place, it’s nothing short of cherry on top.

We all know that getting the best policy is challenging but very important if you want to be free of health-related financial burdens. So, to help the process, the above are some features to look for. Make sure you go through them all before choosing an insurance policy.