In case you haven’t heard, it seems that all plans for Manifest season four are dead. Netflix didn’t pick up the canceled NBC series. We have not heard any information about a new home since then.

What is the plan right now? Is one possible? It’s complicated.

Jeff Rake, the showrunner of the series, wrote a post on Twitter this weekend. He said that he is still trying to “find the way to end the series.” A report by TVLine says that the current goal for the showrunner is to get financing for a 2-hour wrap-up movie. It’s similar to what another canceled NBC program in Timeless was able to do. It didn’t get any more seasons but it was able to have a good farewell.

It can be difficult to wrap up the entire story about Manifest within a two-hour movie. Rake and the rest of the team knew this was impossible, even though the original plan was for the show to last six seasons. Many shows don’t get to season 6. Therefore, it’s possible that they planned an alternate ending. Even though there’s quite a bit of material to cover in a two-hour movie, it’s still better than the alternative ending with the season three cliffhanger.

Our hope is for this movie to air on NBC if it happens. We have never been big fans of shows switching networks unless it is absolutely necessary. However, this would allow Manifest most of the viewers they have.

We’ll be glad to share any additional information about this topic.

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