Some things are worth wondering about as you prepare to watch The Chi season 4 episode 9 live on Showtime. This is an example of what you need to wonder about: What happens next for Douda What will the near-death experience of Douda do to cause him to see things differently?

We’re led by what has happened this season to believe so. A sneak peeks at his mind below will give you an idea of what he wants. He attempts to make the argument that he is different now, and that life has more to him than his ambitious pursuits. He also wants Jake to have him as a father figure.

Douda has many questions about trust. What is the likelihood that this guy can be trusted after all he’s done? We would fully understand if questions were surrounding him. It is almost impossible to imagine that there wouldn’t. People are capable of changing, so there is a good argument for giving people that chance. You must limit the amount of freedom you allow someone to have. This is a tricky balance, and the task of finding a solution can be difficult.

The Chi Season 4 Episode 9

We believe there will be a resolution to this story, regardless of what this character desires or what is given. Keep in mind that we are not far from the end of the current season. There is just one more episode. The story is moving fast, it doesn’t matter who we are talking to at this stage.

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