Jedi Master Yoda is one of the brightest and most noble characters in the Star Wars series. The decisions Yoda made often had good results.

However, in the past, there have been some who may have hoped for better development by other means. It has been said that Yoda has the ability to predict, but it seems that he was not always able to demonstrate that ability. Here’s a scene where he might have made a mistake.

A scene where Yoda has a spiritual connection with Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”. In this, Yoda aroused lightning from the sky and set fire to an old tree. Why didn’t he use this power to confront Palpatine on the planet Corcent? With such power, the battle would have ended in an instant.

The battle between Yoda and Darth Sidious in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith is a fierce battle in the history of the series. However, it was a mistake that Yoda confronted alone. Darth Sidious was not an opponent even with Yoda’s power and experience. Had he been fighting with Obi-Wan, the development would have changed.

Rather than training Luke and Leia from an early age, Yoda waited for him to grow to an age that he thought was okay. Even after starting Luke’s training, Leia thought she was just a reserve and didn’t focus on her. If they had been trained from an early age, they would have become powerful Jedi knights and fought the empire.