With the 2022 FIFA World Cup kicking off, predictions are being made about who will be victorious in their efforts to win the most elite trophy in international soccer. The world cup odds are changing from team to team, with Brazil being the favorite to take home the glory. Most games are being played in the afternoon in the United States, and their team looks stronger compared to past years; fans have the chance to catch every tournament goal. 


Brazil has always been the driving force in international soccer. Players don’t look to make a considerable amount of caps but to just have one is a true honor. This being said, although their players are some of the greatest in the world, all playing at the very pinnacle of the sport, the world cup hasn’t been the most kind. Since the redemption of Ronaldo in 2002, Brazil hasn’t’ seen stages past the quarter-finals all too often. 

Brazil is still the only non-European side to triumph since Maradona’s’ victory in 1986 and this year looks like their run of bad form is about to change. This year they have had some great victories under their belt, and not against lesser sides. Chili, South Korea, Paraguay, Ghana, and Tunisia are just a few of the teams that have succumbed to Brazil’s dominance. The premier league has become the most competitive competition in league soccer in recent years, with some of the best players from across the globe playing week in and week out. The Brazilian team features several key players, such as Alisson, Richarlison, Casemiro, and Thiago Silva.

Brazil made light work of their qualifying in South America, winning 14 out of their 17 matches and drawing the remaining three. What makes this more impressive is the 40 goals they put in the back of the net and just a minor 5 conceded. Covid rules brought an abrupt end to a game against Argentina, but the sheer dominance of Brazil meant a replay was unneeded. A well-oiled machine and one of the favorites for this year’s tournament.


France has the depth of squad that every team dreams of. The side has some of the greatest players in, Paul Pogba and N’Golo’ Kante, missing from the side, but it doesn’t seem to have weakened them. The team is the third favorite to win the World Cup in Qatar this year, but with the depth of their squad, their second team would probably sit at 6th. Players like Kylian Mbappe are looking to set this tournament alive, adding to the momentum of good form we have seen in La Liga. 


This year’s world cup is the last chance for Messi to show the world his brilliance and the last chance for him to win the elusive world cup trophy. Having come off a good run of form for PSG, it looks strong for Lionel to continue his efforts for Argentina, especially alongside the formidable team that has been assembled over the years. The perfect blend of youth and experience has helped Argentina remain unbeaten since the 2019 Copa America.

2021 saw Messi receive his first international honors ending a long-awaited win. Still, the unbeaten run of Argentina’s qualifying campaign puts them in the position to add extra silverware to the cabinet. All this being said, World Cup momentum seems like a prime factor which is something that this team is going to have to overcome. 

The Qatar group stage draw has been particularly kind to the Argentinian team, with draws against teams who haven’t had much luck in reaching the next stages of the tournament, let alone winning the group stages. The likes of Poland, Mexico, and Saudi Arabia seem like easy competitors compared to this Argentinian team, with strong hopes of them striding to the next stage of the competition with ease. 


It always seems just out of reach for England. Over the years, their squad always contains some of the greatest players, but the collaboration of team efforts seems to be something that lacks luster. Gareth Southgate’s squad has looked slightly different in recent years, with the comradery seeming stronger than ever before. While they may seem to be in a bad run of form, just missing out on Italy in the Euro last year, with Italy not qualifying and the team ready to display young starlets such as Jude Bellingham and Buyako Saka as the new heroes of English soccer.

The England team didn’t make a single winning moment in the Nations League and lost home and away to Hungary. In the last two home games, England conceded seven goals which seemed to put them in bad favors to win this tournament, but with the layers they have and their team spirit, they look to take the competition by storm.