HBO had announced that it had renewed Westworld 4 after the first two episodes of Season 3 aired. TVLine published the news on April 22, 2019, and also reported the words by Casey Bloys the president of the Network.

From the western-themed theme park to the futuristic technocratic metropolis, every twist Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy gave birth to has been a delight. We cannot wait for the next chapter of their vision.

Nolan Joy and Joy will continue this extraordinary adventure, which began three years ago with the signing of an important agreement with Amazon. The events took a new turn with the debut of the third episode, which aired on May 3, 2020.

Dolores chooses freedom over her plan to destroy the human race in the final episode of season 3. Humanity is no more under Rehoboam’s control. People can do what is best for them. The foundations of Westworld season 4 are laid by the scenes after the credits.

William makes it to a Delos facility. Charlotte Hale has plans to raise other guests for the new world. William stumbles upon an exact copy of himself. He appears to be dead, but the latter plays an important role in the creation and maintenance of the new world. Another scene is shown in which Bernard wakes up, covered by dust, after having accessed the Sublime.

The Westworld 4 season storyline may resume with a time jump. Delores is believed to be dead but she could make a return thanks to the copies that she made. The Man in Black might also be central to the story.

Westworld 4 Season: When It Comes Out?

The hard question is: When does the Westworld 4 season debut? It’s more difficult to answer this question this time. Filming began in summer but was stopped by Covid in July.

We will monitor any news carefully, to update you gradually on the timetable for the fourth chapter. When HBO announces the release day, we’ll know when the new episodes will be available.