Wentworth Season 9

“Wentworth,” a gripping Australian prison drama, is the one everyone has been binging on Netflix. It begins by telling the story of Bea Smith’s (Danielle Cormack), but then it shifts its focus towards a larger cast. Despite the similar plots, “Wentworth”, despite being a more brutal show than the Netflix Original’s “Orange Is the New Black,” is closer to “Oz,” HBO’s violent prison series. Although “Wentworth” may be a monster on its own, it is fair to say that they are very similar.

The eight-season-old show has not been afraid to make its characters suffer. Fans who are excited to see the final episode of the series can’t WAIT for the new season to finish the various plot threads. Let’s review what we know about “Wentworth” Season 9, including its release date, cast, and plot.

Air Date of Wentworth of Season 9

Wentworth’s season 9 is not yet available for streaming. The series will air in Australia before it’s available on Netflix in the United States. Unfortunately, the full season must air before the season is supplemented by Netflix. Wentworth season 9 will be streaming on Netflix and available to stream in the summer. Wentworth will air its ninth season on Netflix.

The problem is that Netflix has not announced the season streaming date so we don’t know exactly when you’ll be able to watch the final season.

Season 8 aired in July and was completed in September 2022. The schedule for the 9th season is expected to be the same. Season 9 of Netflix will air around the end of August 2021. We’ll provide more information as needed.

Wentworth Season 9

Who’s in the cast of Wentworth Season 9?

Season 9 of “Wentworth”, the long-running series is ending, so it’s almost certain that every major character will get a chance to shine. Inmates such as Susan “Boomer”, Ruby Mitchell, and Marie Winter (Susie Porter), among others, will be seen. Officials like Vera Bennett and Will Jackson (Robbie J. Magasiva), Jake Stewart, and Bernard Curry can be expected back at the bars. It’s possible that relative newcomers like Lou Kelly, Kate Box, and Reb Keane (Zoeyterakes), will still be important parts of the story.

As this is the final season, it shouldn’t surprise anyone if some of the cast members of the show return to win. Season 7 ended with the revelation that Joan Ferguson (Pamela Rabe), the dangerous ex-governor of the state, had survived being buried alive. And she is indeed back to haunt Season 8. It is possible she could return. Bea Smith (Joan’s nemesis) may be able to make a comeback, even though she was killed in the Season 4 finale.