Wentworth season nine is finally available on television in Australia, and everywhere else around the world.

Air Date Of Wentworth Of Season 9

Wentworth’s season 9 is not yet available for streaming. The series will air in Australia before it’s available on Netflix in the United States. Unfortunately, the full season must be broadcast before the season is added to Netflix. Wentworth season 9 will be streaming on Netflix and available to stream in the summer. Wentworth will air its ninth season on Netflix.

The problem is that Netflix has not announced the season streaming date so we do not know when you can watch the final season.

Season 8 aired in July and was completed in September 2022. We expect the same schedule for Season 9. Season 9 of Netflix will air around the end of August 2021. If we find out more, we will inform you about the legal publicizing date.

The Cast Of Wentworth season 9

Wentworth’s executive producers claim they can return a few roles from the previous seasons. Additionally, they stated that there would be lots of new characters joining the sequence.

One thing that we do know is that Alex Kingston, Dr. Tara Lewis, has been seasoned in a regular as well as a directed role throughout all ten episodes. You can find out more about the potential return of Wentworth this fall by listening to our podcast! We will keep you updated with any news between now & September 2021, when Wentworth’s season 9 hits Netflix.

Confirmed Cast

Cast persons have not yet been seasoned and declared, but you can take a peek at the cast members who could return from previous seasons.

  • Dr. Tara Lewis by Alex Kingston
  • Kaz Proctor by Nicole da Silva
  • Joan Ferguson by Celia Ireland
  • Bea Smith by Danielle Cormack

Alex as Dr. Tara Lewis is the only actor who has signed up for all the episodes. Joan Ferguson was portrayed by Celia Ireland. Nicole da Silva reprises her role as Kaz Proctor beginning in the third series. Danielle Cormack appeared throughout all seasons 5-6 and 7 of Wentworth before she died.