• WWE launched a new virtual system for fans during the broadcast of the last episode of NXT

WWE debuted a new virtual system last night at the Capitol Wrestling Center for the weekly NXT show. Our editor Francisco Alvarez was able to live the experience in the first person and in this news we explain some details to consider and the comparison with the WWE Thunderdome system.

The restrictions in the Capitol Wrestling Center system are different than the Thunderdome. Users who are part of the show must be of legal age and must provide an identification of their country in order to verify that the information is correct. Unlike ThunderDome, the Capitol Wrestling Center system allows you to be present throughout the program unless you go offline or include a normal one. In that case, there are people in the queue who will keep their position and the free pass until they use it.

On this occasion, there were 100 fans who were able to access the system to see the show. A person from the WWE staff welcomes and reviews the rules of the show, practically the same as those of WWE Thunderdome. In addition, due to the 205 Live recordings, WWE asks those present not to spread spoilers through social networks or media. WWE previews the fights that will take place during the show and even announces part of the card for the following week.

Triple H made an appearance several times to thank the attendees for their presence at the Capitol Wrestling Center. Triple H himself was in charge of closing the show.

Freedom In Reactions

One of the great differences between both systems is the freedom in the reactions of the fans. In WWE Thunderdome, during the entries of the wrestlers, it is indicated who to cheer or boo. However, at the Capitol Wrestling Center that does not happen and those present are free to react to their liking.

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