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The telephone fraudster called the correspondent of the Russian introducing himself as a bank employee, but in the end, he opened up and spoke in detail about his activities. In particular, the scammer uncovered popular methods of deceiving victims and extorting money. He clarified that the age of people does not matter everything is underway from 18 to 70 years old.

The fraudulent scheme consists of two stages. So, at first, you need to collect all the available information about the victim, and it takes about ten minutes. The next stage is called “closing the pipe”fraudsters can communicate with a person from 30 minutes to two hours, they spend an active phase, and steal money.

It all depends on the location of the client, where he is, what he is doing now, at work or not at work, explained the interlocutor. According to the scammer, he works from an office abroad. He did not disclose his location but clarified that his office is not located in the CIS countries. At the same time, about a hundred people work in the office, each of them makes about a thousand calls a day. The fraudster added that he can earn up to ten thousand dollars a month. When asked by a journalist whether he or his colleagues were tormented by conscience, the fraudster replied that they did not have it. Earlier, Sputnik radio reported that the expert had explained the fashionable fraud scheme.