Since today, Waves Out is now available! exclusively for PlayStation 4. An endearing platform adventure for the whole family, it has been developed by the Crevice studio at the PlayStation Talents Games Camp in Bilbao. Waves Out! presents the story of the likable Magnetic, an intrepid character with magnetic powers that will be essential to make his way through the different scenarios and pass all his tests. The prototype of this title arose in the Global Game Jam of the year 2017, where we won the prize awarded by voting of the rest of the attendees. We are encouraged then to present the project and today it finally sees the light on PlayStation express from Crevice

The title features

A single-player mode that contains 13 levels spread over five different settings, as well as a local one-on-one competitive mode with four levels and a survival mode, in which players can challenge themselves. In competitive mode, players will be able to have, along with different confrontational alternatives, two types of power-up, which are added to those achieved in solo mode, along with a new ability for Magnetic. pushing the rival player to be the winner.

Waves Out! has an original soundtrack where the music and sounds have been composed solely with the beatbox vocal technique. The artist in charge has been the renowned Boris Bringas (also known as Orodreth).