Cancellation rumor has taken the internet

Outer Banks fans are a little desperate after a cancellation rumor takes over the internet. It all started on Monday, 28 when TMZ published an exclusive story revealing that the author of a North Carolina book filed a lawsuit against Netflix.

In action, he claims that the Outer Banks series is complete plagiarism of a book published by him in 2016. And that the creators of the series, staying in the city of Wilmington, would have read the book and then had the idea for the attraction.

In the process, which is running, the author requests that his name appears in the credits of the series. Also, let the series appear to be inspired by that book.

But then, did this cause the cancellation of Outer Banks? Did Netflix confirm the information?

The Series has not been canceled

First of all, Netflix did not cancel Outer Banks. The series continues recording its second season and is already confirmed for 2021. If the cancellation happens next year, it will be due to a low audience, and not due to the process.

As stated, the author who moves the case is not asking for the series to be canceled, but for the insertion of credits. At all times, Netflix series are processed – as with Stranger Things, Sabrina’s Dark World as well as 13 Reasons Why, among others. And that never stopped Netflix from renewing them.

What will happen, if the process goes ahead, is a trial. Then, the decision of whether there will be an indemnity, the insertion of the due credits, or the finding that plagiarism does not exist. Therefore, there is no reason for Netflix to decree the cancellation of Outer Banks, after this process – which has been running for months and has only just been released by the press.

So don’t believe any news or rumor you see on Twitter.

Understand the case

A man, named Kevin Wooten, filed a lawsuit against Netflix – as well as creators Shannon Burke and Jonas and Joshua Pate – claiming that the series copied the entire plot of his book “Pennywise: The Hunt for Blackbeard’s Treasure!”

In his process, in which TMZ published exclusively, Wooten says he published his book in 2016. He tells the story of 4 young adults who come across a local legend that leads them to a treasure buried in a legendary shipwreck, on the banks of North Carolina.

Wooten says he sold several copies, including printed copies in the city of Wilmington … a Place where he claims the Pate brothers spent a significant amount of time and where they publicly said they had the inspiration for the hit series.

According to Wooten, the similarities are not coincidences. He thus claims that the Pates brothers are likely to have found his novel and used it as a basis for ” Outer Banks “. KW claims that ” there are striking similarities that you simply cannot deny … from the structure and the characters.”

Wooten, likewise, states that the archetypes of its protagonists and those of the series are almost identical. Villains, moreover, are also the same. To get an idea, he is a wealthy benefactor and a corrupt policeman.

He also says that the plot is virtually the same … Including clues they find and the places they take them.

So far Netflix has not commented on the case.

Outer Banks is scheduled to debut in 2021 on the platform.