The Warrior Nun officially confirmed its second season. The first season was available on Netflix for one year. Now, the second season is being offered. Warrior Nun focuses primarily on fantasy dramas and is based on the comic book series by Ben Dunn. Simon Barry directed this series. Game of Thrones is responsible for the production of this series.

“Warrior Nun” Season 2 Renewal Status

The creators quickly renewed Season 2 of “Warrior Nun”, shortly after its official premiere on Netflix. According to leaks, the writers are working hard to present the best plot to the fans of “Warrior Nun’ Season 2.

“Warrior Nun” Season 2 Release Date

It is not yet known when “Warrior Nun Season 2 will be released. However, some sources claim that the development is ongoing and we can expect “Warrior Nun,” to return in 2022.

“Warrior Nun” Season 2 Cast

It’s a fantasy drama series and may introduce new characters to the next episode. They will undoubtedly reprise their roles as the main characters. The cast of “Warrior Nun Season 2”, may include Alba Baptista portraying Ava Silva; Toya Turer as Sister Mary; Lorena Andrea portraying Sister Lilith; Tristan Ulloa playing Father Vincent; Thekla Reuten portraying Jillian Salvius, and many more.