Volkswagen has already announced the prices of the ID.4 the first 100% electric SUV from the German firm that we were able to drive in September of last year at car brands. To better meet everyone’s needs there are Pure versions with a 52 kWh battery associated with a 170 hp engine o 77 kWh net Pro combined with a 204 hp engine. In the first case, the benefits reflect a step from 0 to 100 in 9 s a figure that in the second goes down to 8.5 s, and both have a maximum speed limited to 160 km / h.

And, which for many will surely be more important the model with a small battery offers autonomies of up to 340 km. It is a figure that will already allow many to make medium-distance trips, but in this sense, the autonomy of up to 522 km promised by the ID.4 with the 77 kWh battery offers us more guarantee. Both batteries offer a guarantee to retain at least 70% of their capacity after 8 years or 160,000 km. The ID.4 also comes with virtues that will be very interesting for drivers.

At only 4.58 m long it offers the same rear roominess as a Tiguan Allspace which measures 4.70 m, a 543-liter boot expandable to 1,575 if we fold down the seatbacks similar to that of a Passat which measures 4, 77 m, and cubes 586 liters, higher in the area of ​​the heads than the mentioned Tiguan and allows the turning diameter of a T-Cross which measures only 4.11 m.

It also has a central airbag that deploys from the side of the driver’s seat so that the driver and the passenger do not collide with each other in the event of a side-impact and launches a Head-up Display with augmented reality with the Multimedia Plus package that projects the information in two windows a lower one with data related to speed limits or navigation, and another dynamic that seems to float 10 meters from the windshield and indicates turn arrows, navigation destination points, and assistance systems.

The extensive offering has been layered into a series of finishes that will fit well with most customer tastes and needs. In the small battery models, you can choose between the Pure Performance City, and Style versions, although the Style can be improved with a Style Plus variant. And when it comes to Pro battery models, the range is segmented into Pro Performance Life, Business, Max, 1st, and 1st Max finish. In this case the improvements known as Plus are associated with the Max and 1st Max finishes.

for now, because in February a version with the 52 kWh battery but with a 148 hp engine will arrive, and two other variants with the powerful battery will arrive before the end of the year one with 175 hp and another, called GTX with all-wheel drive and 300 hp thanks to the combination of the rear engine so small it would fit in a sports bag with another located on the front axle.

According to the brand, the ID.4 will be a better option than an SUV with a heat engine for those drivers who have the car for at least 5 years and do 15,000 km or more per season. It promises fewer costs for revisions and breakdowns, in addition to a lower devaluation, and that without counting on the additional advantages of an electric vehicle such as using specific lanes to be able to park for free in many towns.

At the end of March, the first units will be delivered corresponding to the 1st Edition and 1st Edition Max finishes, which were the first to be put on sale.