If you spent the weekend catching up on all 10 episodes of Virgin River’s second season, you are probably experiencing some strong emotions right now like fear or uncertainty.

On the other hand, we not only have to wait for the third season of Virgin River to find out what happens to our unfortunate favorites after the tenth episode but Netflix has not even officially renewed the romantic drama (Like Mel and Jack’s relationship, program itself is also a bit slow).

Let’s start with Hope and Doc, who began the finale by deciding to throw in an elaborate vow renewal ceremony, complete with a suspiciously wedding-like reception below. It was a long overdue turn of events for previously depressed lovers, making their final turn even more heartbreaking.

When they entered his home, where dozens of his closest friends were waiting to ambush them with a surprise re-link party, Doc began telling Hope that he had difficult news to share from a recent check-up.

Meanwhile, Preacher accepted Jamie’s offer for a chef job in San Francisco, but the arrival of two familiar faces threatened to derail his travel plans. It wasn’t just Wes’s twin brother who showed up with a warning for the Preacher.

Likewise, Paige’s (Michelle) son Christopher, also returned to Virgin River in the finale with a request for the Preacher:

Once again, showrunner Tenney doesn’t want to reveal too much, but she does remind fans of one thing about Preacher as they theorize about his next moves: “If you watch the show, you know how that character is going to respond to a sacrifice of duty.” (In other words, we haven’t seen the last of him, not even up close.)

Naturally, we save the biggest suspense: Mel spotting Jack bleeding on the bar floor from an apparent gunshot, for last. All Tenney can say is that in a possible third season: