Virgin River, is the Netflix romantic drama that first appeared on screen in 2019, and this November 27 the second season of the series was launched, which left fans intrigued and wanting more episodes.

Recall that at the end of the second season of Virgin River, Mel found Jack lying on the floor of his bar with a gunshot wound to the abdomen and bleeding. Fans are waiting for the third installment in the series, to find out who tried to murder Mel’s love interest.

And is that although the Netflix transmission platform has not officially announced the renewal of Virgin River, fans assure that it will reach the screens at some point because the team and the cast are on the film set.

As Virgin River season 3 hits screens, fans keep reviewing previous episodes of the series and have come across continuity errors that they consider important.

It turns out that in the first episode of the first season of Virgin River, Mel enters Dr. Mullins’ office by opening a tall, solid-looking red door. However, when closed it looks like a glass door through which the rays of sunlight enter.

Virgin River fans cannot explain how when the door is closed it looks like glass, and when open it looks like very solid material. For this reason, viewers believe that there is a major continuity error.

Likewise, in the very first episode of Virgin River, fans noticed that the exterior of Jack’s bar has windows facing the river. However, when the establishment is displayed from the inside, no window appears.

And it is that the fans have meticulously reviewed every detail of the Virgin River episodes, which in the eighth episode of the first season found another continuity error.

As fans know, the town of Virgin River is located in northern California, the same state as the city of Los Angeles. Mel, who is in the village, receives a call from his sister Joey who lives in Los Angeles, just after a big storm has turned off the electricity leaving everything in darkness.

In Joey’s scene, while talking to Mel, the character appears walking on the beach in broad daylight. In this sense, fans cannot explain how two people who live so close together can be in different time zones: although the sky has darkened due to the storm, Mel was already prepared to sleep one night.