In the second episode of Virgin River 2, Mel finds Jack unconscious in a bar. The interpreter of the character has a clue even though nobody knows who the murderer is.

Will There Be A ‘Virgin River’ Season 4?

Netflix hasn’t officially announced that Virgin River is being renewed for a fourth series. But, given the huge fanbase, ratings, and absolute mania around the show, it’s safe to assume that a renewal notice may soon be issued.

SpoilerTV, however, claims that Netflix is just trying to build anticipation. Express reports that Netflix has already greenlit the fourth season Virgin River. According to the website’s reporting, the cast and crew were already filming in Canada by July 2021. Spoiler TV reports that the fourth series will be completed in Nov 2021.

‘Virgin River’ Showrunner Sue Tenney Teased These Potential Storylines For Season 4?

The third season finale of Virgin River was marked by several cliffhangers. Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley), said that she’d been married. Mel told Jack that Jack had proposed to her and that she is currently pregnant. She’s not certain if Jack was the father. Hope (Annette O’Toole), died in a terrible car accident. Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth), arrested for shooting Jack. Tenney stated that all of this was just the tip.

“I want to do as many seasons as we can,” Tenney told Us Weekly. She also hinted about Jack’s shooting location. She explained, “If we get to see the actual reveal [in Season 4], it would provide more detail about how this all was intertwined.” “The webbing of the story goes all the back to season one, so it’s a connective tissue that goes through four seasons.”

Tenney also addressed the question of when Mel and Jack will find out if Jack is Mel’s father. Tenney teased that this is something we will not answer until the end of season 4 if it happens. Breckenridge insists that she knows the truth.

Martin Henderson Says He Already Knows Who Shot Jack On ‘Virgin River?

Henderson, like Breckenridge, knows the truth about Mel’s baby’s father. “I know,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “And the simple fact that you know makes me feel like they will discover. They considered revealing this in season 3. Some drafts showed more detail. They decided to increase that, for several reasons. You can drag that out a little.