Netflix’s Virgin River could be described as a warm embrace. The show features a small cast of characters and has community features that are reminiscent of Gilmore Girls or Friday Night Lights. Fans are unanimous: While Netflix doesn’t share the seeing insights of the show, it is well-known enough that Netflix discreetly charged the show for season 4, even though the original Virgin River season was dropped on July 9. That’s according to What’s on Netflix. It reports that Virgin River’s fourth season will begin in July, just weeks after season three.

Netflix has not confirmed the reports. However, season three was so unusual that Netflix secretly restored it and put it into pre-creation. It is sensible that the same applies to season four. This is mainly due to the 25 books (in fact, that’s right, Robyn carries’ Jewess River book series) that the Netflix series depends on. Virgin River season three reached the top of Netflix’s charts very quickly. Therefore, it is a major advantage for Netflix to have a fourth season on the way.

Release Date of Season 4

July 20, 222. Here’s why: Seasons 2, 3, and 4 of Virgin River are only seven months apart. The gap between seasons three and 4 is not as long as you might expect. According to Netflix’s information, which is crucial for season three planning, season four is scheduled to begin filming towards the end of July 2021. The recording is expected to conclude around November.

It’s unlikely that the Virgin River would reach its destination in mid-2022. Virgin River is wrapping up for season three, so July 2022 might not be the best time.

Spoilers Ahead

Virgin River season three ended on cliffhangers for several of the characters–particularly Preacher, who was poisoned by a supposed friend of Paige’s to urge him out of the way as a part of a plot to kidnap Christopher, and after all, Mel and Jack, who are addressing the aftermath of Mel’s revelation that she’s pregnant–but doesn’t know if the daddy is Jack or her late ex-husband, Mark. Lizzie broke up with Ricky and returned to her LA ex-boyfriend after she found Ricky was close. Brady is taken into custody as a suspect for Jack’s shooting. Charmaine, Todd, and Hope threatened Jack with explosive litigation regarding the twins.

It’s impossible to predict what’s going on with these cliffhangers. Still, there is an inspiration to season four storylines. This was supported by what the show started in season three. Ricky will make arrangements to enlist. He could leave Virgin River, Lizzie, behind. Mel and Jack will manage the unknowns of her pregnancies. We are likely again to determine Paige and hopefully, her reunion. Brady could also have been charged with the shooting of Jack. Charmaine will have twins. There’ll be a showdown between Charmaine and Todd and Jack, who is the biological father of her kids. Jack is finally being revealed.