With the confirmation of Virgin River’s third season, several fans have been happy but at the same time eager to see if there is any clue in the book where the show was based.

As many know, the romantic drama Netflix, Virgin River, is based on a series of books written by Robyn Carr detailing life in the small, remote town of Carolina of the North.

Despite its key role in the series Virgin River from Netflix, Charmaine is a very small part of the books. She only appears at the beginning of the first book when Jack breaks up with her after Mel arrives in town.

Therefore, the story in which she becomes pregnant is completely made up for the Virgin River TV series. As a result, the books don’t offer any obvious conclusions about where the series will go with this next.

However, there is a pregnancy story in Carr’s novels that the Virgin River show could be based on. In the fifth book titled Second Chance Path, the story centers on characters named Vanessa and Paul.

Paul is one of Virgin River’s character Jack’s friends from his time in the marines who has a similar situation where his ex-girlfriend says they are pregnant. Paul is finding love with Vanessa when the reveal happens.

However, he later discovers that the baby is not hers, but not before her jealousy has tainted their new relationship. This sounds very similar to the story of Jack, Mel, and Charmaine on the Virgin River.

Hopefully, everything will be revealed and the big secret that Charmaine may be hiding from viewers and Jack will be discovered when Virgin River returns for a third season on Netflix.