Virgin River Season 3

Mel, Jack, Doc Mullens, and Hope will be coming back to our screens shortly…

Since it arrived on the streaming platform back in 2019, Virgin River has gained scores of lovers.

It follows the lives of the townspeople and, more especially, nurse Mel Monroe. Mel is originally from Los Angeles, but following the passing of her husband and struggling personal catastrophe, she moves to the picturesque spot to begin afresh.

To begin with, Mel tackles Doc Mullins, who, despite having aid, refuses to accept it.

She then also has to win over the natives and soon develops a soft spot for Jack Sheridan, the owner of the neighborhood bar.

Now, Netflix has released a new trailer for season three of Virgin River – here is everything you will need to know…

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When is Virgin River season 3 released on Netflix?

Season three will land on Netflix UK on Friday, July 9.

The most recent series is going to be made up of 10 episodes, that are available to stream in 1 go.

Virgin River Season 3

Who’s joining the cast?

Each of the primary characters in the first two seasons is all coming, plus some new faces we can not wait to meet. reports that the newest additions include Zibby Allen as Jack’s ballsy lawyer sister, Degrassi’s Stacey Farber as Lilly’s daughter Tara, TCAOS’s Jasmine Vega as Stella, along with Kai Bradbury as Denny. Farber celebrated the information on Instagram, writing, “I’m so ready to live in the prettiest town on TV– Virgin River! packs a pair of boots and meet me next season.”

What Happened To Jack?

Following the assault suffered by Jack, in the trailer, it’s seen that the personality is moved to a hospital, even on a stretcher while the heart monitor reflects how his body responds to first help. With this, the storyline of the series begins.

Among other surprises in the new installment is that it’s going to introduce Brie ( Zibby Allen ), Jack’s sister and that is a strong and smart lawyer but proves to be very funny.

Lilly’s daughter, Tara Anderson ( Stacey Farber ), also looks, who among some of her roles is to help raise Chloe.

As it is recalled, in December 2019 Netflix proved this series and viewers fell in love with the inhabitants of this fictional city situated in northern California.

This creation follows nurse Mel Monroe as she moves into the Virgin River following the passing of her husband. In this city, she meets grumpy doctor Doc Mullins (Tim Matheson), nosy Mayor Hope (Annette O’Toole), and also a neighborhood bar owner called Jack (Martin Henderson), a guy who will make her believe in love again.