Virgin River Season 3

Virgin River‘s season 2 finale had the ultimate cliffhanger. Jack’s fate as well as Doc’s physical health were in question during the final seconds of the show.

Before the shocking finale, fans were able to see more of Christopher and Paige’s complex past, Hope & Doc’s rekindled relationship and Mel & Jack’s future as a married couple. Fans may have one question considering the ending of the show with two major plot twists.Is there going to be season 3 of Virgin River?

We have all the information you need about Virgin River season 3 such as its release date, casting changes, and storyline details.

When is ‘Virgin River’ season 3 to be released?

Netflix’s drama is set to return Friday, July 9th, 2021. It will debut on Netflix.

Virgin River Season 3

Any spoilers about the season 3 storyline?

Netflix revealed that its “twist-packed series” will feature the drama fans love. Watch the brand new season 3 trailer.

The trailer answered our biggest questions. It confirmed Doc’s blindness and Jack survived the shooting. There are many questions in a town such as Virgin River. But, there is always more to the story, especially regarding Doc and Hope’s complicated relationship and Preacher’s involvement with Paige/Michelle’s cover-up.

Although Mel and Jack are teased in the trailer, an all-new clip shows Mel consoling Jack. Jack jokes about how he “ends up breaking things” to deal with his emotions. She assures him that she is there to help him with anything he needs.

Some of the newest storylines, including Ricky and Lizzie’s new relationship, are just starting. Sue Tenney, the showrunner is very interested in Ricky/Ziggy’s stories in the seasons ahead. Ricky’s story has a great arc in books that I plan on exploring. We only get a glimpse of it in season 2, but it’s something we’ll explore in [potential] future seasons.

Dugdale who plays Lizzie is a fan of Tenney’s wishes. She said Virgin River will allow for a deeper look into the “triangle (with Lizzie, Ricky, and Aunt Connie). Connie and Lizzie spent most of season 2 in conflict with each other. But the coming season allows them to look at their relationship in a completely new light. We’ll be able to explore her presence, even when it’s not; the complications it brings up, and their ability to stay present together while there are so many other things going on.

Fans might be changing to Robyn’s books Tenney warns them that they have diverted away from the book series recently. “Ultimately, how I view the show is that it will get as many seasons possible,” She went on. “And when we get there, we want the [author Robyn] Carrs for them to be.”