Virgin River Season 3

Netflix’s puzzle drama series “Virgin River” has amused us with two seasons that are mythical. Be it the storyline or its execution, this series could be thought to be the epitome of devotion. Following the initial two seasons, the third season is being impatiently awaited by the fans.

When is the Virgin River season 3 release date?

Interesting news: Netflix has officially revived Virgin River for now 3! Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, that perform Mel and Jack on the show, made the statement on December 18, 2020.

In the weeks leading up to the official announcement, there was lots of speculation about the show’s future. It seemed promising, though: Production Weekly, a trade publication for professionals working in TV and movie, noted that Virgin River was anticipated to start filming season 3 sometime between August 25 and December 11, 2020, as pointed out by Whats-on-Netflix.

There still haven’t been any signs of season 3 on the show’s Instagram page, but there’s a possibility that the throw is choosing to be secretive this time around. If all goes to plan, enthusiasts can expect all 10 episodes to drop in late 2021, either in November or even December like seasons pasts. There’s a chance production in Vancouver might be postponed due to COVID-19.

Virgin River Season 3

“Virgin River” Season 3: Plot

A mysterious small town where everything is unclear. Meet Melinda Monroe, that comes to the sleepy yet mysterious city to escape from her dark past and the traumas.

But even this city has quite a lot in store for her, both positive and negative items. As we saw in the first season that Melinda meets Jack and they get into a relationship. But their love catches the eye of the evil and things start getting complicated.

By the next season, the few manage to fix the complications and emerge to be stronger than ever. But to our horror, Melinda and Jack were targeted at wrongdoers. At the end of the second season of “Virgin River,” we found that our cherished Jack gets fatally shot before Melinda could do anything to rescue him.

Hence the forthcoming season will inform us whether Melinda will lose her beloved forever? Additionally, we will get to know far more about Melinda’s previous and why is that haunting her even in this new city.

What has the cast said about season 3?

The celebrities who perform Mel and Jack hope that there are brighter days ahead for their personalities. “I hope their relationship continues. I am sure it would be hard given Charmaine is getting his babies, but yeah — I hope they get married and have babies of their own daily,” Breckenridge told This is all determined by if Jack survives after being shot from the season 2 finale. Both actors are convinced that Jack will live to see another day as Breckenridge puts it, “then you would have to see Mel go through basically what she did in season 1 all over again in season 3.”

At the start of season 3, we will probably get responses about who shot Jack. For now, the cast is just as confused as the rest of us. “The writers are certainly leading one to feel that it is the Calvin group of people, but perhaps if there’s a season 3, there’ll be a twist in that,” Breckenridge explained to Entertainment Tonight. “It was Charmaine. Do the math. I’m convinced,” Henderson chimed in.