Grayson Gurnsey has explored Ricky’s emotional breakup and subsequent reconciliation with Lizzie in season 3 of Netflix’s Virgin River.

Although Ricky is widely considered to be as solid as it gets in love, Lizzie was not consulted by him when he enlisted in the Marines.

Gurnsey told TVLine that he was shocked by this twist during a conversation.

He stated, “I didn’t think that when I was reading it.” “I was shocked to see that he would do it. He won’t do that. That is insane! I was proved wrong. It was a brilliant twist, and it was something I liked.”

He said that he hoped they would rekindle their relationship, but only on mutual terms. She has forgiven him and he learned his lesson.

Ricky’s problem this season was his inability to understand the situation. Although he knew he made mistakes, he never took them seriously. This is what he needs if he hopes to be together again. He must also learn how to feel about her feelings.

But what if Ricky, Lizzie, and the others don’t come together?

Gurnsey stated, “I think they have genuine Love for each Other, but it is also puppy Love.”

“When you are first in love, it is possible to not be with the person you love for the right reasons. But you can still learn valuable things and become a better person through that relationship.”