Virgin River Season 3

Virgin River Season 3 is finally available on Netflix. Today, we will learn the ending. The story of Melinda Monroe, a woman known as Mel, is the basis for this show. After the deaths of her husband and their child, she was at an all-time low. Mel is inspired by an advertisement for a nursing home midwife and decides to give it another shot. Mel was a nurse from Los Angeles who relocated to the Virgin River, Northern California. Although she initially believes that a small community like this would bring her peace, Mel finds it difficult to adjust. As she begins to live in the small town, Mel becomes closer to Jack, a bartender. They decide to move in together and start a family.

We saw Jack being shot by someone at the bar at the end of Virgin River Season 2. It is not clear who shot Jack. Although Brady is being suspected, it’s hard to believe that given his plotlines. Brady was once a criminal and even sold drugs. He had fallen for Jack’s sister, Brie and decided to change the course of his life. He was now legally able to do his job and was on his way to a decent life. However, all evidence points to Brady being the suspect. As we enter the final minutes of season 2, he is arrested by police. It doesn’t seem like that is the end of this storyline.

Virgin River Season 3 Ending Explained

Virgin River Season 3

This episode shows that Mel is pregnant. Mel gets a positive pregnancy test. Jack doesn’t know about it. Jack forwards Mel the update on Hope’s health. Jack and Mel arrange a night in during this time. He later heads to work and asks the Preacher for his best man. Why? Because Jack had planned to propose to Melinda.

Jack proposes to Mel at the end of the episode when Mel and Jack have their moment. He fell in love with her and wanted to spend his entire life with her. Mel drops the bomb on Mel. It was a pregnancy! Jack didn’t seem to be too upset this time as he was keen to start a family with Mel. It was not a time to celebrate, because Mel wasn’t sure if Jack was the father. It was shocking news for all of us. More information will be available in the next season on Virgin River onĀ Netflix.

We will explain the ending for you, so don’t panic. You may recall that Melinda saved her embryos at a hospital while she was married to Mark. There are chances that Mel went through the procedure to become pregnant after Jack and Mel split. The timing of many events during the season suggests that Mel or Jack could be the father of the baby.