The popular Netflix series, Virgin River, has surprised all its followers with the premiere of its second season, after Jack was shot. But, these are the 3 theories of what could have happened.

After the events that happened with Jack who was found on the floor bleeding, hundreds of theories have started to emerge about it. But, we will tell you a summary of the 3 most popular theories that the TvGuide website has mentioned.

Theory 1 – Calvin

One of the main people who had motive to shoot Jack was undoubtedly Calvin, who was always hell-bent on revenge, so there is no doubt that he could have shot him after Jack ruined his plans to sell illegal narcotics. That is why he is the main suspect.

Theory 2 – Brady

Another of the people who could have shot Jack was, Brady, on Calvin’s orders, but, in turn, perhaps it was not, because of the past they have shared together.

Because of Jack and Brady’s past, he might have just shot him in the pelvis and wounded him on the ground, we just have to wait to see if he actually did.

Theory 3 – Charmaine

Although many may not believe it, it is a great possibility, how many times can a woman let the same man break her heart? If Charmaine was hurt enough and went back to the bar to look for one more chance with Jack and didn’t get it, there could have been a fit of rage and she might have shot her.

For this reason, I shot her in the pelvis, but since she does not know how to use a weapon, perhaps she did not do it well and ended up shooting her in the pelvis, although she loves him despite everything and perhaps she did not do it with that intention.