Virgin River season 2 is surprising all the fans of the show on the Netflix platform , after the last scene of the series, but, this is what Jack’s actor , Martin Henderson said .

Mel and Jack have had some major obstacles in their way when it comes to being able to fully realize their love for each other.

Each of them is dealing with a lot of emotional baggage, Jack is more than an annoying ex, Charmaine , is pregnant with his twins, and on top of that, Jack spent much of Season 2 spoiling the local drug. dealer trying to close it.

The finale saw Jack get shot in the stomach in the closing seconds, and now star Martin Henderson is opening up about the suspense that invaded the series with his character.

But, many of the rumors that have started to emerge from Jack’s last scene are suggesting that he will have trouble walking and will need therapy in order to recover.

Virgin River’s third season will undoubtedly be filled with a lot more drama, but what about Jack , Mel and Charmaine ?