Vinland Saga Season 2

Makoto Yanimur is the author and illustrator of Vinland Saga. This manga series is an ancient Japanese manga. The Vinland Saga has no action-adventure feel. It’s a tale of hope, reality, and the creation of a Vinland. Vinland Saga is revered by anime fans around the world as one of the greatest anime series. The Vinland Saga draws inspiration from legends, stories, and facts about Vikings in the eleventh century. Between July 2018 and December 2019, there were 24 episodes (Season 1). It’s been almost 2 years. Fans have been waiting eagerly for season 2 ever since. We finally have exciting news from the Vinland Saga creators. Amazon Prime allows you to view the anime. Viking viewers were very fond of this series.

Vinland Saga Season 2 release date

In September 2020, director Shuuhei Yabuta posted on Twitter the sketches of three characters, Thorfinn, Askeladd, and Canute. He said to his followers, “There is a small egg” and asked for help in solving it.

Each artwork featured Nordic runes. If you translate it, it translates to “SEASON TEN.” However, Yabuta commented that there was no deeper meaning.

Japanese text is also available that features the characters complaining of the delay in season 2. Thorfinn responds to Askeladd, “How long should we wait?” Canute responds, …” “It’s too soon… I guess …”

This confirms that Vinland Saga II is indeed on the horizon. Abiru Akihiko, the series character designer, posted a tweet in March 2021 indicating that he was working to create Vinland Saga. He tweeted:

This is the most important part of Vinland Saga.

After speculations, Makoto Yukimura, manga artist and creator of “Vinland Saga”, confirmed production on Twitter on the second anniversary on July 7, 2021. He tweeted:

While we don’t have an exact release date yet, we do expect inland Saga season 2 to be released in late 2021 and early 2022.

Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 1 Spoilers

Thorfinn becomes a Viking warrior after his ex-warrior and father Thors are assassinated by Askeladd. Despite his weakness, the young protagonist persists in challenging Askeladd, the leader and mercenary Vikings band. He is only ever more humiliated. Askeladd soon learns that Thorfinn cannot take on Askeladd. Askeladd wins their last encounter and Thorfinn is brutally beaten by Askeladd, an experienced fighter who knows all his weaknesses.

Askeladd, in the Season finale, attempts to convince King Sweyn during the imperial Council that invading Wales the mountainous country has no resources is a poor strategic move. Askeladd listens to Askeladd’s arguments and demands that King Sweyn choose one of Canute or Wales. Askeladd rejects the offer and beheads Sweyn.

Canute kills Askeladd when he realizes that he can stake his claim on King Sweyn. Thorfinn does not reach the imperial counsel to witness Askeladd’s death. Instead, he attacks Canute with his knife but is stopped by the soldiers and dragged away. Season 1 ends on an abrupt cliffhanger. Thorfinn’s fate is unknown to the viewers.

Season 2 is expected to focus upon the Slave Arc. The first twenty-four episodes have already adapted the War Arc from the manga. Thorfinn, after being taken away by Canut’s soldier, will likely be sold into slavery. But someone like him won’t back down and will most likely start to plot his escape. Askeladd’s sudden, unexpected death may change his life. He might become close to his slaves and receive moral support.

Canute can be expected to implement his plans in the meantime to make areas under his authority a better place. He will likely expand his influence to England, Norway and Denmark. But is it going to be a success? Only time will prove this. Season 2 will undoubtedly be a thrilling watch filled with action and political drama.