Dedicated fans of this historic fantasy drama series are somewhat unhappy that Vikings has come to an end after six seasons around Amazon Prime Video and Background. But for lovers rewatching for their repair of Lagertha (performed with Katheryn Winnick) and co signed workers, some are picking up on a couple of plot holes and blunders on the way. This includes a continuity blunder which may endanger the shocking season six event.

History show Vikings concluded its sixth and final season lately, however the season six episode, titled All Change, suffers an embarrassing blunder through a vital implementation scene.

The series, which follows the mythical tales of protagonist Ragnar Lothbok (Travis Fimmel), the first Viking to emerge out of Norse mythology, was a hit with viewers because it first aired.

The show has always been commended for its personality studies, authentic costuming, and compelling storylines.

After celebrity Travis Fimmel left the show in season, his sons took center stage in season, including the incident in question.

The incident All Change watched Oleg the Prophet (Danila Kozlovsky) induce his Rus military to dig their own graves in Kyiv.

He had them killed, but not until he compelled his ward Prince Igor (Oran Glynn O’Donovan) to kill them.

But soon after, it’s shown to Igor that Oleg’s dead soldiers had changed sides to Prince Dir (Lenn Kudrjawizki), Oleg’s brother.

Dir is not able to challenge his own brother due to this, and Igor confronted consequences for his or her actions.

But during the brutal scene, it’s been seen a continuity error has plagued with the spectacle.

While high heeled soldiers are made to dig their individual graves, two Rus guys climb from the pits to beg for their own lives.

Fans watch Oleg kill among those pleading guys, though a camera shot right after the implementation indicates both men lie dead in the backdrop.

The continuity blunder has been brought to the attention of lovers around IMDb and following a rewatch, the error is plain to see.