Only a few more days before discovering the end of the Vikings series on Amazon Prime Video! And the latest trailer unveiled raised a lot of questions, such as the fact that Gunnhild, Bjorn’s wife, could sacrifice herself in the second part of season 6 of
Vikings. And in the same genre, images from the last trailer let us think that Ingrid, Bjorn’s second wife played by actress Lucy Martin, could have a more important role in the last episodes and in particular become a shieldmaiden. And for good reason, we can see her wearing a black cape and brandishing a bow and arrow in the middle of the battle.

More so, Ingrid sports a confident and calm expression, which is in stark contrast to the last time fans of the Vikings series saw her. In the end of the first part of season 6, Ingrid still seemed completely broken following her sexual assault by King Harald in season 5. But it seems that the young woman has recovered and that she has decided to train and become a shieldmaiden to fight alongside the men. In another register, find out if the character of Ivar could betray his Gods in the end of the Vikings series.