Some time ago, we discovered the adorable confidences of Adam Brody (Newport Beach) on his complicity with Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl). Married since 2014, the two lovebirds live a beautiful love story and still seem closer than ever today. Always taking care of each other, they even established some rules in their relationship for their well-being. In an interview for WSJ. Magazine, Adam Brody even revealed that Leighton Meester prevented him from spending too much time on the screens, and especially from getting lost on Twitter: “I was so on Twitter until the elections (US presidential) and I like it, really, but it’s very addicting. I found myself, like most people, so pissed off for most of this year and I was happy for about 48 hours after the election … ”

Adam Brody added: “Then 48 hours later, I was so pissed off again. So my wife put a 30 minute per day limit on Twitter and my life changed. I don’t know if I could have concentrated. on something else before the election anyway, but after the election, I was in “I don’t need to know what Ted Cruz just said.” I can’t let that make me angry 24 hours of 24 … I’m back to reading books and felt my blood pressure drop instantly. I feel a new sense of calm and accomplishment. ” Leighton Meester seems to have made the perfect decision by putting limits on her husband Adam Brody regarding the use of Twitter! Speaking of Leighton Meester, discover shocking revelations about his conflicted relationship with Blake Lively during the Gossip Girl era.