The Venture Bros co-founder Jackson Publick, acclaims for the renewal of its eight-season. as Adult Swim’s longest-running show. Despite of facing many obstacles and breaks fans still waited over years for the upcoming seasons. The renewal of the series declares at San Diego Comic-Con in 2018. Thus letting the fans wondering about the new storyline of the series. Due to the reason being aesthetics the show has to halt back its promotion for a very long time. The series plots the mimicry of anime cartoons from the early 60s utilizing modern technologies. The show follows up the hand-drawn techniques which give a nostalgic look to the viewers. And to accomplish this kind of art, production needs time to make it perfect. Not only this Venture Bros also maintain its continuity and character development in front of the viewers.


Wrapping up with all seven seasons Venture Bros have revolved around with the eighth season. The story moreover again came up with new titular Venture Brothers with hiding all plain sight. Therefore the upcoming season also tries to explore the after the result of the bombshell, also dealing with the fallout of actual Venture brother, Hank and Dean. After being suffering from the coma, Hank has gone through many runs wearing his Batman Mask. Thus it is expected Dean to find out his lost brother also exploring Hank.


The casting includes Christopher McCulloch as Henry Allen, Michael Sinterlicus as Dean Venture, Patrick Warburton as Brock Satan and Dr. James Urbaniac as Rusty Venture.

Release Date

Due to the long production of the Venture Bros season 8, The fans have to wait until two and half years for its further update of renewal.