You’re the fan of the series Van Helsing? If you are, we have received some wonderful news in the right place. For the fifth season, the series was revived. If you don’t already know that’s a US-Canadian series, then let me remind you. It’s perfect for those who love movie shows of horror and dark imagination. The last season of Season 5 is going to be announced by the cast and the staff. This glorious series is almost over. 


The 4th season finished with a fascinating bit of cliff hanger and you can hope to leave the 5th season. If you skipped season 4, allow me to remind you what happened. The fourth season shows us that Nicholson took the medical treatment Julius and Axel to support Jack and Violet. Later the three will enjoy a confrontation with the alive Daywalker. This finished with the death of Nicholson and serious injury to Julius and Axel. The fourth season ends with Violet and Ivory, but it’s not successful. If you understand right, you will know that in the dark realm Jack is alive but within a rear. Can he make it live? Can he? To find out this, you may need to look at season 5.

Expected Cast

The series has a variety of significant characters, which cannot be done without the conclusion of the season. They’re here. Christopher Heyerdahl can be seen as Samuel, Vincent Gale as the Flesh, Trezzo Mahoro as the Mohamad, Rukiya Bernard as the Sarah Carol, and Tim Guinee as Ted, as well as Kelly Overton, who is Vanessa Van Helsing, Jonathan Scarfe as Axel Miller, David Cubitt.

Release Date

The renewal was announced on 17 December 2019. The producers have announced the fifth season is their final year; the viewers have been waiting patiently for their arrival since then. Fortunately, Van Helsing’s showrunner, Jonathan Llyod Walker, said the production has been locked down so that viewers may not have to wait long for it to be seen.

The Van Helsing team’s initial schedule was to unleash the spooky month of horror by the end of October 2020. However, this initiative has been postponed by the coronavirus pandemic. However, don’t fret. It can be expected to be released by the end of 2020.

Streaming Platform 

Fans will be able to enjoy SYFY’s 5th season opener online. Van Helsing is also available on Amazon Prime and Netflix, although for these streaming outlets release dates have not been confirmed yet. Well, stay in touch for more related series updates and news.