USPS Available for Pickup: What Is USPS? UPS VS USPS


One of the most confusing messages to receive from USPS is when they say “available for pickup” Isn’t USPS available for pickup something that never implies clearly what needs to be done/ Is my package available for pickup by them, or do we need to do something like go there physically to pick it up? So, if you are someone who is facing similar issues, believe when we say that you are not the only one.

USPS Available for Pickup

So, to start with USPS tracking, we have comprehensively comprised everything, whichever might help you to understand the whole system completely. Muster Along.

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USPS Available for Pickup | What Is It?

USPS is one of America’s and even the world’s first proper domestic postal services. It was founded more than two and a half centuries ago to serve the purpose of package delivery or collection. It is a government service and offers good (okay-ish) services as compared to its competition- UPS. Now, UPS is a different concept under the same domain of work. UPS stands for United Parcel Service, while USPS stands for United States Postal Services. Moreover, UPS is comparatively very young compared to USPS.


UPS started in 1907, and since its start, it has been a publicly traded venture. Although there is not much difference when we talk about the delivery time, both work pretty much. However, UPS is much more modern in its services and tracking, yet we do not rely upon it, as it is a private company that employs young, ruthless personnel, but this is just an unimportant personal grievance. Luckily enough, USPS offers a more secure and trustworthy office when it comes to relying upon bigger packages, expensive in nature. Honestly, both of these companies will take at least two days, if minimum, to transfer your package, regardless of the price one pays.


People are turning to more promising and on-the-rise privately owned cultures like Fed-Ex, DHL, and First Flight as USPS alternatives. These work on international standards and are very efficient, quick, and cooperative when it comes to customer services. And do you know the best possible explanation for the uprising of these shipping ventures? The answer is- A strong and accurate shipment tracking system. Talking about shipment tracking, let’s know how USPS tracking puts you in problem sometimes with its ‘available for pickup po’.

What Does ‘USPS Available for Pickup’ Mean?

Now, whenever you get this message, it must immediately be taken into account. Because the arrival of this code means that the shipment that was meant for you is unable to reach you via USPS delivery. But don’t worry because this does not mean that your shipment is lost or something worse. According to their suitability, it only means that instead of door-delivery, USPS has delivered your shipment to the nearest possible Post Office.

USPS Available for Pickup

So, now you have to go to that Post Office personally and prove your ownership to receive the shipment, which then can be brought to the home, as per convenience. Please keep in mind that even for this, you have very limited time to take action. That is the only reason we asked you in the beginning that it must immediately be taken into account. So, one might ask, how many days USPS keeps my parcel after it is available for pickup code. So, the answer to your query is only 15 days. USPS will notify you on the first day that you have USPS available for pickup so that you can collect it from the specified post office.

The final message by USPS is received on the fifth day after your parcel has been secured by the post office. If you fail to claim ownership, personally and physically, in the post office. Then, USPS will automatically deliver the package back to the sender or first-party, whatever the case may be. 

What Are the Reasons USPS Is Unable to Deliver My Package?

There could be not one but many reasons behind the unsuccessful door-delivery of your intended package, so let’s see some of them below. 

  • If your package exceeds the state’s USPS conditions of size and weight of the package. This may happen that the parcel gets accepted by chance from one station, but when rechecked at another station, it is checked out of the deliverable items on their list. You must always check their regulations before attempting to deliver or so with USPS. Read it here
  • Health Issues of the delivery personnel.
  • Your unavailability at home or concerned address for delivery.
  • Failed authorization of an individual who attempts to collect your delivery.
  • Wrong or unrecognizable address.
  • Area ‘under construction’ or some on-site development happening nearby.
  • Any sensitive parcel which might get affected by the road conditions ahead is generally prioritized, and thus your parcel would have to suffer. 
  • Road Rules, Curfew, Police Ongoings, Protests, or crowded junctions. Related problems are usually put under the other few reasons where door-delivery by USPS can suffer. 
  • USPS’s Intra co-ordination regulations, package damage, or loss, etc.

How Does USPS Carrier Pick-up Work?|  USPS Confusion Solved

Now, we frequently feel confused by this code, and there is a very good reason because of the word ‘pickup’ in the shipment tracking code. However, there is another well-fledged running feature, a service, if you may, by USPS, which actually confines the term – Pickup in the literal and appropriate sense. So, what is this service? USPS’s Pickup service is the collection service. Under which you can ask them to collect the parcel from your doorstep instead of you personally going to the post office to parcel it on.

To understand it more clearly- USPS provides a free-of-charge doorstep carrier pick-up service. Under the same,  they arrive at your home or office at the time convenient to you to take the package you need to deliver or parcel. Domestic or even internationally. You must go to and then make it happen, rather than standing in queues inside a post office. We hope you now know what the difference between USPS Carrier pick-up and USPS available for pickup is.

How to Solve USPS Available for Pickup Problems?

The most feasible way to solve this is to track your shipment by its tracking code.

Under expanded details, you will see the code ‘USPS available for pickup.’ So you must click on it to see and note the ZIP code of the Post Office your parcel has been dropped to by USPS. Then you can either call customer care or the P.O. And tell them the date, and possible time you will be available to pick up your parcel. You must very keenly know the exact P.O. you need to be present in. As Post Offices are located far, either from the next one last or ahead. Then you would need to confirm your identity and show them the parcel number. And then it will be handed over to you promptly. If you are unable to do so, you can do other things mentioned below:

  • Schedule a Redelivery, which is an easy option. And can easily be put into action just by going to the website and under your parcel details.
  • You can also authorize someone who is not you to be able to collect your parcel. For this, you have to put their name in the Parcel Delivery Option. 
  • Issuing a standing delivery is also helpful when you aren’t able to personally go and collect the parcel by yourself. 

Closure | USPS available for pickup

Hey, we believe that you will be more confident from next time when you will be using USPS. Given that we have solved your queries and commonly existing confusions within their copy. We can already imagine you solving others’ problems and feeling proud and smart in the room. USPS is an unimaginably huge service, and they deal with thousands of parcels each day.

It must never happen to anyone, as this is so inconvenient. But if it does, you know exactly what needs to be done via this article on USPS available for pickup code. Nevertheless, if you still have any questions in mind, we are waiting for you in the comment section below.