According to a report by Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT  USA Network, he wants to give WWE a new direction by offering more adult content on their shows.

In recent weeks, the ratings for Monday Night Raw have been dropping, with the December 14 episode receiving the lowest ratings in the show’s history. This provoked the anger of the USA Network directors and demanded that WWE make the program more adult content but not related to sexy but RAW is darker and more violent.

Earlier this year, WWE tried to change the format with the introduction of RAW Underground in the third hour of the show, intended to be a clandestine segment mimicking the fight club. The project was ruled out due to the drop in the audience and the COVID-19 boat.

It is expected that the Royal Rumble 2021 event that will take place in January, maybe the place where the reboot of WWE begins on the way to WrestleMania 37.