Climate Change activists gathered to participate in a "Fire Drill Fridays" climate change protest in Washington, D.C. on Friday, December 6, 2019. (Photo by Aurora Samperio/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Us has returned to the international scene stomping and demanding to treat the climate crisis as an emergency. Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry has launched the appeal at the worldwide Adaptation Summit held virtually and hosted by the Netherlands Holland European country European nation Netherlands.

We are proud to be back, said Kerry. We return with humility for the absence of those four years and that we will do everything in our power to form up for it.

Within hours of his arrival at Casa Banca, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to return to the Paris agreement, after the departure decreed by Donald Trump in 2017. The return is going to be effective during a month and Biden himself’s promised to carry a primary summit on North American soil in its first 100 days to form up for lost ground.

The Global Adaptation Summit is meant to market the Green Climate Fund to assist the smallest amount favored nations and most exposed to the impacts of utmost weather: from storms to floods, through heat waves, or rising water levels. sea. The goal is to make alert systems build coastal defenses improve drainage in cities invest in drought-resistant crops, and build resilience in communities.


In us, we suffered three devastating storms in 2020, with estimated damages of 265,000 million dollars (290,000 million euros) warned Kerry. We have reached some extent where it’s cheaper to take a position in damage prevention than in cleaning and rebuilding afterward.

Continuing with the present level of emissions means condemning the foremost vulnerable countries and therefore the people with the fewest resources to fundamentally unlivable conditions added Kerry. That is why a discount is urgent, out of sheer sense.

We now have a president who, thank God, speaks the reality and has decided to steer, Kerry declared.  And he knows that we’ve to mobilize to satisfy this accelerating challenge. we’ve limited time to stay things in check.

Kerry reiterated his country’s commitment to the goal of zero emissions in 2050 and announced the publication of its commitments for a reduction in 2030 as soon as practicable.” The US envoy also announced the return of his country to the Green Climate Fund, after repeated breaches by the Trump Administration.


The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, reiterated the necessity for a greater international commitment to support the less favored nations. The Netherlands, as agitations of the summit, announced a commitment of 20 million euros. it’s estimated that a minimum of € 100 million would be required for adaptation to sustainable agricultural practices within the African Sahel, and some other times more for adaptation projects in Southeast Asia.

The UK, because the organizer of COP26 in Glasgow in November, has played an important role within the summit and has driven the Coalition for Action for Adaptation, along with side Netherlands, Egypt, Bangladesh, Malawi, and Saint Lucia.

Premier Boris Johnson personally intervened at the summit. It is undeniable that global climate change is already upon us and is devastating our lives and our economies, said Johnson, who recalled how his government has pledged to take a position the equivalent of 5.8 billion euros in coastal defenses and against floods.

The need for a resilient recovery is going to be our priority this year during the G7 presidency, declared the premier. We are getting to work together to adapt, to be more resilient, and to save lots of lives within the world.