3 Easy Methods to Check Twitch Chat Logs in 2021


It is not easy to create a backup of a chat stream on Twitch. However, to manage the Twitch Chat Logs, we have not one but three methods to assist you with that in this article. Now, a perfect streamer knows the importance of a follower and the value when your followers feel involved. But, in real life, it gets hard to do that day-to-day.

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Twitch chat logs can be created serenely and straightforwardly, but keep reading as we have more to share regarding streams, specifically those on Twitch. It is not easy to reply to every chat t6hat pops up when you start to broadcast your means. Precisely, one method is to store the logs offline or on your system and refer to them later. However, we might simultaneously catch up on it if we have a second screen pulled up, particularly for the purpose. But what’s the easy way? Muster along. 

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Twitch Chat Logs | How to Check Them? (3 Easy Methods)

Twitch brings two different ways to privately have a conversation with users via text, and noobies/new users more than often feel confused. Mainly because they are unaware that there is not just a chat we can connect with other users. As a basic, the direct messages are the conventional and spinal feature that allows anyone on the network to be intricately involved. 

how to check twitch chat logs

DMs are easily accessible by logging into the website of Twitch. Click on the drop-down menu in the right corner and click on messages. Users can initiate new messages with other users and read them whenever required on this page. While DM sare only used to send and receive important information such as phone numbers and mail addresses, whispers are the way to chat with someone in any channel publicly. Twitch chat is safe and wouldn’t allow others to peek into whatever remains in a private conversation. 

Type/w followed by a Twitch username into a chat to commence a whisper. Only this user will see your text in the chat. Whispers can help you view a stream and fancy to instantly propose something unique to other users.

There’s a bundle of special esoteric functionality in Twitch chats that can be put into initiation by typing in a specific word or string of characters. Here are some of the extra valuable chat commands worth exploring.

  • /host: used to begin hosting a channel. You can visit the channel you wish to host and type this command into its Twitch chat.
  • /mods: Type this command into the chat to publicize all of that channel’s moderators. This can be beneficial if you want to notify someone.
  • /ignore: Using this command will let you mute another user in the chat. Type /ignore followed by their username. For instance /ignore Ken would mute a Twitch user with Ken’s username.
  • /unignore: If you require to unmute a muted user, then use this command tailgated by their username. 

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Why Check Twitch Chat Logs?

To Know Your Audience Better

Checking the chat logs could provide you with instrumental data on what your viewers like to watch on your stream, what games they want to see you play, and what the viewers don’t like to see, and their views for your stream. Since this tells you more about your audience and their interests, checking the chat logs would help you grow your channel. Using this data, you can easily decide which game to play on your stream. It will also give you an idea about crash reports regarding cloud technologies like GPU Dedicated Server and Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure.

To Interact with Feedbacks

Feedbacks are another critical thing that can help you in growing your channel. Being responsive to feedback is a good trait for a growing channel as many of the feedbacks contain advice on how you could make your channel better or the demerits of your channel, which you could work on to engage more audience on your channel. 

To Not Miss Any Invitations 

Some other creators who like your work and appreciate you might invite you for collaboration, and chat logs are where they put their invitations. You don’t want to miss such invitations as everyone knows how much partnerships help increase your audience. So, it is essential to check your chat logs not to miss any invitations or suggestions.

To Monitor Inappropriate Comments 

This might sound like a no big deal, but you could lose your channel if your viewers post inappropriate comments in the chatbox frequently, even if you have nothing to do with those comments. Since Twitch monitors such comments and takes action, the streamers must check their chat logs for inappropriate or controversial comments. Streamers must make sure that none of their viewers are violating Twitch’s Terms of Service for the smooth running of their channel.

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To Recognise your Haters  

Some people make several accounts on Twitch just for the sake of troubling you and ruining your chat logs, as it is free to make accounts on Twitch. If you have banned someone from one account, they will come back with another account. And continue to create trouble. In this case, chat logs can give you info on when an account was created and give you a hint of a user’s behavior to recognize them and take appropriate actions against them.

twitch chat logs as a mod

3 Methods to Easily Check Twitch Chat Logs

Search Command

If you’re scanning for a particular user comment, this is the most wanton and most tranquil style to do so. Naturally, type the command- /user [username] in your channel’s chatbox, and Twitch will restore the valuable data about that user. For example:

The number of messages the user leaves on your channel and the date the account was created. Moreover, you can also find out which user has been removed, banned, or timed out of your channel. The most helpful feature is that one might also look out for mods brought by any user. 

This program is expressly remedial if there’s a user that you speculate has devised a new account to outwit an earlier punishment. Anon, it’s noteworthy that the user search command will not disclose any comments discarded by a moderator. Notwithstanding, it can be practiced to separate the time a user was fixed so you can reconsider their chat in the VOD. But look out this one more way, to comprehend twitch chat logs stalk.

Analysing VODs

About now, recording and scraping back your VODs is the single method to inspect the whole chat log for a broadcasting/streaming session. This program enables you to observe comments that a mediator has departed. At the same time, searching for usernames and other third-party programs might not access that information if one might desire to re-evaluate a void, ban, or suspension. Then one might need to go through your VOD’s chat records. The downside to this purpose is that you’ll have to find it through the whole video. It’s accommodating to have a general concept of the time of the comment before one starts to go through the VOD.

Using Any Chatbot Service

Such software is designed to automate and moderate your chat management, employi9ng some predefined replies and custom philosophical texts. We all have such software as chatbots. Now, these might act as a tool to make a comprehensive and searchable chat log for easy maneuvering of comments throughout. The chatbot method is the best and the easiest method of all the methods discussed above. It is quick and requires a one-time setup. You can activate a bot in the chat, and it will automatically commence collecting all chat data. And this also allows you to look at this data later. 


How To Check Twitch Chat Logs As A Viewer?

Now, as in 2021, this is not available. This feature has somehow shifted against the norms of Twitch. Twitch used to create a database earlier. But as the modern scenario has become so specific about privacy policies, Twitch has to disable this complementarily. Twitch cannot host chat logs publicly.

How To Check Twitch Chat Logs As A Mod?

Before May 2020, the website OverRustle Logs cached a database of chats from all channels. The channels that were not fixed to private. OverRustle Logs was deactivated on May 1st, Twitch’s legal department request, because anyone could use this database to track other users and notice what they’ve communicated and in which channels.

Alternative To Twitch Chat Log Methods | Logwire vs. Chatty

These are the third-party apps/software that might ease out any work you deem to do. These apps will make sure, once turned on, to download whatever chat you wish. To replay or analyze after the stream.

You can use Chatty, but it is not compatible with Windows or Mac, but it is the best app in the world to help you with the twitch chat log purpose. In contrast, L0gwire is all that you need for windows. It is the aptest software you should use if you are employing a third-party app.

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Closure | Twitch Chat Logs

Hey, we hope that now you are clear on a few concepts, indeed more than just how to create your twitch chat logs. If this is helpful, you can use the comment box below to connect with other patrons on the internet who desire to commence their Twitch career.

As full-time streamers, we need to know a few things better than others to be at the top of the competition. Help yourself and share these twitch chat logs 2021 with your stream mates. And if you have any questions, you might want to use the comment box below to let us know.