4 Working Methods to Block Twitch Ads in 2021


With Twitch at its best, as a part of Amazon, this streaming service has somehow figured out the ways to surpass the AdBlock check. This streaming service will somehow detect the most equivalent version of the advertisement in correlation to the stream. Thus, it becomes fairly unimportant for Adblock to gather around if to block or let the ad play. So, you get the ad. Can’t block twitch ads? In this blog post, we have comprehensively shared 4 tested & working methods to block twitch ads.

Block Twitch Ads

It would be best if you use the streaming through the browser because then only you might have some of the power over ads. The measures to prevent the ads are straightforward, effective, and important. So to learn, let’s proceed further without wasting any time.

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Block Twitch Ads | Working Methods to Permanently Block Twitch Ads!

You must have had your time with the research, and it is very possible that you came through GitHub solutions. Besides, as they appear, these solutions become inactive within a short period as with the frequency of updates, the solutions don’t comply. Moreover, the problem is that- mostly, it’s unsure which solution to follow. 

Can't block twitch ads

You keep on wasting time performing hit and trial and end up with nothing. What is the possible way to get rid of the Twitch Ads? If someone tells you to subscribe, that would be the number one piece of advice. But if that must have been the case, why would we be here, after all!

Go through the methods mentioned below:

Install a VPN | ttv ad-block 

VPNs are very important for your online identity. A VPN is designed to make you safe by misguiding the tracker of the location of your device. It is mostly procured by cloaking your IP Address somewhere in a foreign country.

Install a VPN | ttv ad-block 

We can use this for our purpose, but it might require a little bit of research. Generally, the streaming services do not display many ads which are not in English, and so the areas where English is not the mainstream language, at times, do not experience any ads at all. Use a good VPN, preferably the paid ones, to ensure the effectiveness of it over Twitch ads. Any American city or country which is not a native English-speaking place is out of the league. But, in Europe, there are many places where they do not speak English at all. So, use your VPN to select a country and look if the ads are less, more, or zero at all. 

Use Twitch Turbo

Twitch has some types of subscription packages, where instead of subscribing to the streamer, you subscribe to Twitch and thus receive benefits like fewer ads or no ads. In order to get rid of most of the ads, you have to switch to Twitch Turbo. 

Use Twitch Turbo

Use AdBlock Extension 

We’ll get you through the exact procedures you need to follow with Adblock in order to block twitch ads on the stream. Now, if you are already on AdBlocker, you must go through removing it for once. Make sure you have your log-in information with you before uninstalling/removing the previously installed Adblock extension. Plus, keep in mind that with the extension, you will have many options at hand. Besides, twitch ads would not disappear completely. 

Use AdBlock Extension 

Follow these steps to make it happen:

  • Visit the official site of Adblock Plus.
  • Now, you have to select the option to get the AdBlock extension. It must appear as ‘Add to Chrome.’
  • When the Adblock extension is installed in your browser, try to change the settings as per your requirements. 
  • Visit the options page and look for the option that says- ‘Enable Hiding of streaming ads on Twitch.’
  • Now once you have done that, restart the browser. 
  • You will find that the extra loud ads will come out as a blank screen. 

Use AdGuard

Since all the revenue of Twitch comes through the advertisements which are displayed on the streams, using Ad-removal extensions was creating a lot of loss, both to Twitch as well as the streamers. Since the last time we saw that, until and unless we switch the extensions off for the website, nothing opens up. This was done as a measure by the streaming services to check the loss they were incurring due to the lack of ad display. However, with some improvements, there are a few things we can do with the AdGuard service. 

Use AdGuard

Learn all the steps below. 

  • Go to the AdGuard official website, and then download the AdGuard for windows/Mac as per your system.
  • You can either continue with the free trial, which is for 14 days or get a plan for the full span of the Ad Blocking experience.
  • When you run the installed AdGuard application, move to the menu and turn on the Ad blocking Toggle.

How Can I Use Twitchls.com? | Block Twitch Ads uBlock Origin 2021 

Whenever you encounter any ad during any stream, you immediately must shift from the twitch website to an embedded player online; no, this will not pause or stop the chat. And, yes, the stream will still be live. It is just that instead of Twitch TV, you will watch it on a separate online player. To do this, simply just remove the ‘.tv’ from the address bar and replace it with ‘ls.com’ followed by the name of the channel. It works and devoid you from any ad that you might have come along with Twitch TV. 

Block Twitch Ads uBlock Origin 2021

Why are Twitch Ads Unskippable? 

Twitch ads are unskippable because, when a service runs a full ad, they earn, at times, double the amount from advertisers. Twitch ads are of the same kind, you cannot skip them because they paid for it. And users who experienced picture-in-picture quality ads, have noticed that the streak continues but the sound of the stream is replaced by that of the ads, and even louder most of the time. 

How Twitch Ads Work? 

Twitch offers a handful of advantages to advertisers. Since, advertisers get a band of options to choose from, for their ad display, and type, it has become the number one choice for the brands to promote themselves. The Twitch ads aren’t limited to the platform itself but can also be promoted via any influencer/streamer channel worldwide, inside of a Twitch stream. This generates a lot of income for those who are willing to let ads come in between their streams. The ads are payable as of pay per thousand views, and while this can reach millions of views on Twitch, creates an impressive amount of revenue for the company, brand, and the streamer alike. 

What are Pre-Roll Ads? Mid-Roll Ads on Twitch 

Now, earlier, those who didn’t opt for the premium service for Twitch- Twitch Turbo, had to endure an ad each time they clicked on a video. Now, as this could get annoying after a while, it still was beneficial as it never hindered the ongoing stream. However, a few ads with the consent of the streamer could be played whilst inside of any ongoing stream. At this time, this ad is under the discretion of the streamer. It was made sure that the user never misses anything. 

Pre-Roll Ads

But, for some time, Twitch had been experimenting with mid-roll ads. Now, the ads depending upon the length of the ads and the stream would adjust accordingly and without any knowledge of the streamer/ viewer might appear on the screen of the viewer. So, this concept of mid-roll ads is very frustrating because, unlike YouTube ads, the stream doesn’t continue from where the ad made you pause. The reason behind this is that the streams are generally live. So, for now, it is a thing, and apparently, no one is happy in fact of all the money it makes for the streamers. 

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Why are Twitch Ads So Loud? 

Well, a lot of us are frustrated up to a level, where the only question comes to be: Is this even legal? Why are Twitch Ads louder than the stream? On Reddit, there is a discussion that can explain exactly what is going on. So let’s learn the details of the discussion. Well, the foremost reason behind it is, if ads are paying Twitch, and the streamers. They would want to spread awareness about the product/offering or service in the loudest way possible. It is as same as it goes for the playback video quality of ads on YouTube.

Why are Twitch Ads So Loud?  

You might have opted for the auto video quality but the ads displayed always run in the best quality possible. Of course, because they pay full, they deserve full. However, upon the thought of legal or illegal, norms do allow ads to have a specific limit of loudness in their portrayal, which may or not be louder than the stream. Another reason is that the setup of the streamer. His/her/their input settings, output preferences, and motives can vary according to the stream or will. However, it is not correlated to what levels you choose everything to be, on Twitch. It is legal for ads to be loud complying with the CALM Act

Closure | Block Twitch Ads

Since the latest failure of uBlock Origin in blocking up ads. This question has become a loud echo in the Twitch community. How to block Twitch Ads? It is clear that Twitch is a streaming service that will always keep on getting strong with its updates. How can a company so big let a miniature procedure keep it from making millions of dollars? Fortunately, that time is not now, and we still have some days left to enjoy Twitch ad-free for a while. Use these steps mentioned above in this Block Twitch Ads and let others know which worked best for you. Now, if you feel like asking any question or sharing any information, hit the comment box below.