• Trish Stratus Confesses That She Would Like To Train Wwe Nxt Wrestlers

WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus was interviewed on the Women’s Wrestling Talk podcast where she revealed that she would like to help NXT wrestlers as a coach. Here are the most outstanding statements:

” I would love to help in NXT is an idea that I have in mind but the reality is that it is difficult for me to get back on the road. I cannot travel much for my family, my children are still young. My son Max just turned 7 years old and my other younger son is three years old. So for now they are my priority. ”

“It was nice this last year working with the girls and seeing how their minds work, that they have the art of storytelling and just working with Fit Finlay again, it stimulated me a lot. When we got together we were the Frit and Frat where we came up with ideas together and we executed them. So I thought we could put together good fights for future superstars as if we were co-agents. ”

“But yes, I would like to contribute in some way and I have spoken with Matt Bloom, my former partner, on several occasions about the possibility of going to NXT.  It’s like the time has never come right to do that. I loved participating in Tough Enough and the like and would like to continue working with young minds in the future.