A few moments ago, the member of the WWE Hall of Fame Triple H gave a press conference via virtual in preparation for the celebration of NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day. The executive vice president of talent provided his opinion on a variety of topics, including Edge’s appearance on NXT, his impressions of Parker Boudreaux, his backstage appearance at Royal Rumble, and the current situation of The Velveteen Dream and Pat McAfee. Next, we review the most outstanding statements.

Triple H Comments On Edge’s Appearance In Nxt

Edge’s return has been very satisfying. You can tell he’s working on his position as a platform where he can help young talent. Edge spoke to me before his return at Royal Rumble 2020 and has reached out to NXT several times. He only spoke to the recruits, but also gave me a list of fighters he would like to face. When he appeared on the show two weeks ago, you could see the happiness on his face for approaching so much young talent. I don’t know who He will choose Edge for WrestleMania, but using his last years in the ring to raise stars is admirable.

Triple H’s Vision Of Parker Boudreaux

It’s funny because people look at Parker and say oh, he looks a lot like Brock Lesnar. It’s hard for those people to understand that you have to be ready before you step into a ring. Even someone like Brock Lesnar needed preparation beyond his amazing sports work. People want to see talent in its best possible state and the Performance Center can give Parker those tools. Unfortunately, we do not have live events to test him in front of an audience but we know that his success will be measured against how you can handle yourself with the tools we give you.

The possibility Of Watching An NXT Elimination Chamber Match

We do not have something like this shortly, but everything can change over time. Elimination Chamber has become very significant for RAW and SmackDown. It is good that each brand has its significant matches. In NXT we have WarGames and Fight Pit, plus other kinds of stipulations. People love these fights, but they quickly associate them with a brand and it’s good to keep them separate from what’s around them.

Will NXT Have More Titles In The future?

We have had conversations about it, but things should flow naturally. I am not a believer that a company should have 38 titles so that each fighter jumps from one to another constantly. There is much more richness in a story well told, but we do not stop consider more titles. Especially for the women’s division, as it has grown quite a bit in recent years.

How Involved Was Triple H In The Royal Rumble Production?

As for the female battle royal, it all started with simple conversations. At first, I was not involved, but everything that had to do with NXT went through my hands in some way. I wanted to see women receiving great participation. The Royal Rumble match is one of my favorite matches because of how chaotic and surprising it can become. It is never easy to coordinate such a match, and it is necessary to find the right time and place for each participant.

Update On The Situation With The Velveteen Dream

There is nothing we can add regarding Velveteen’s situation. He is still in the Performance Center and trains with us every day. He continues to work within our facilities.

Regarding the possibility of seeing Pat McAfee again in NXT Pat is a busy guy. He’s successful at what he does, and events like the Super Bowl have kept him very busy. A lot of people speculate on a possible comeback, and he loves to be exaggerated all the time about these things. But he was the one. Pat himself asked for a break, as he has been too busy during the Super Bowl season and feels exhausted.